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Is Badenfahrt Worth the Trip?

Badenfahrt is a decennial 10 day festival in Baden, Switzerland, just outside of Zurich. It’s supposedly one of the most crowded events in Switzerland, with people rushing from all over the country to this small town.

My family and I were under the weather, so we weren’t so keen on travelling out to a crowded town for the day, but considering our habit of living in places for no more than six years, who knew if we’d make the next one?! Because this festival only happens every decade, and because it was the LAST day to go, we decided to head out.

From Basel, it’s an hour train ride to Baden. Tickets for the festival are 15 CHF. Yes, you could get around the festival without needing one at all, but abide by the honour system and get a ticket. And hey, you get a cute little souvenir. This year’s fair theme was Versus.


I have to say, during the day, the festival is quite slow. There are rides and food stalls, but that’s about it. It was nice to stroll around, but I don’t know if I’d return under the same circumstances. I will say the Indian food we had was really yummy though! And I saw RACLETTE (which I’ve been dying to try), but I’m lactose intolerant so I avoided that one.

On the other hand, Baden is an absolutely lovely town. It’s on a river, it’s charming, and it’s quaint.


It was a Sunday when we went, so we had to be back in Basel come nightfall, but I think the festival would really come to life at night. I’d say go during the weekend and at nighttime, I’m sure there’s plenty of fun. I saw some dance bars, regular bars, and all other bars in between!

I’d definitely be interested in checking BadenFahrt out at night, when I’m not sick. I think that maybe going during the evening could be really fun! And a weekend night? I bet it would be great!

I don’t really recommend it for an early Sunday afternoon. It was a lot of travel for a short amount of time at the festival.

And hey, do I regret going? No way! This festival only happens every decade; it was worth checking out!

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