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Hey guys! As you read this, I’ll be on the flight from Doha to Singapore!

New exciting things coming soooooon!

I’m leaving because I feel that I need to explore more than just the US. Besides a three year stint in Singapore and travels, the US is all I’ve ever known. I know that there’s more for me outside of the States. There’s so much more to experience and fall in love with!

could have stayed at university in the states, as it’s only 4 or 5 years. I could have done a lot of things, but I chose this moment to pack up all of my things and move. Why?

I don’t want to live a life of ‘what-ifs.’ I always mention that; hell, I even mentioned it in my commonapp essay AND personal statement. I didn’t want to look back on my education and question what could have happened and who I could have been had I studied in the UK.

Risks are scary, but I feel that if I don’t take them, I’ll be experiencing a life half-lived.

So I’ll embrace the unconventional and nontraditional! I’m all for shaping my life to be something totally random and full of various experiences!

All of the repercussions of living a spontaneous life will be worth it when I’m old. I won’t have any doubts in my mind that I’ve made wrong choices, because I’ll have lived one hell of a life.

Yay for new experiences and following my gut!

Embracing the new means leaving the old, however, and I certainly will be missing quite a bit about South Hadley and the US.

Here are the top ten things I’ll miss about my life this past semester.


1. Friends


Obviously, saying goodbye to my lovely friends wasn’t easy. The absence of the gals I’ve been spending the majority of my time with leave a huge void to fill!

2. American Food

Grilled cheese, hamburgers, french fries! NO ONE does it like the States!

3. Ice

I love ice in my drinks and I will not be having any of that for a while!

4. American Pride

Americans love America. It’s a funny thing to see citizens absolutely loving the good and bad things about their country.

5. Fencing


As many times as I’ve tried to quit, I just can’t stop loving this sport. It’s become a huge part of my life. The fencing team at Mount Holyoke made my semester so so wonderful and wahh it’s so hard to leave not only them, but the sport in general.

6. Being in Cars

Cars can be really convenient, and I’ll miss being able to listen to the radio and drive with friends.

7. Dryers

It is a true blessing to be able to dry your clothes in forty five minutes.

8. Snow


As much as I complain about being cold and ice and everything about snow, I will miss waking up to beautiful snow covered trees and lakes. Luckily, I’ll probably see some snow in Nepal.

9. Fast food


Although I didn’t eat fast food too often (because #college), I’ll miss the convenience of being able to grab food on the go!

10. Free public toilets!


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