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unexpected expat wife: 10 things you’ll hear during a get together

Before leaving for Nepal, I played Singapore expat wife for a week and IT WAS WONDERFUL.

These ladies are so so lovely, always welcoming and in for a good time! I went to quite a few functions hosted by the American Women’s Association and enjoyed every single one of them, from a three course lunch (with wine of course!) to an artisan chocolate making class to a Chinese tea ceremony!

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During my time being a very young expat ‘wife,’ I started to get a feel for the main topics of conversation.

10 Things you will definitely hear during a Singapore Expat Wife Function

1. “How long have you been in Singapore?”

The classic conversation starter for when you have only just met someone.

2. “Oh, when does your contract end? Are you extending?”

3. “The _____ just aren’t the same here!”

if you’re with an exceptionally positive bunch, it’ll be about how Singapore does ____ like no other place :’)

4. “Ugh, the drapes are SUCH a hassle.”

Because apparently the worst part about leaving Singapore is getting the drapes cleaned.

5. “I just came back from there! When are you going?”

Right now, the hot spots are Myanmar and Cambodia.

6. “Where were you before Singapore?”

Chances are, Singapore was not their first overseas home.

Speaking of homes…

7. “…And where is home?”

Everyone knows that the home you’re talking about is your passport country.

8. “What school is your daughter/son in? What grade?”

Followed by, “oh, that’s a wonderful school!” no matter how terrible or wonderful it is.

9. “What industry is your husband in?”

Let’s be honest, we’re all curious.

and lastly

10. “She left?!”

Because everyone’s time in the Little Red Dot seems to end much quicker than ever anticipated.

Singapore is truly a wonderful little place. If there’s one thing both me, the fraud expat wife, and the true expat wives, can agree on, it’s that we are all so lucky to be living on such a diverse, entertaining, luxurious little island.

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