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unexpected everest base camp (3): trekking to tengboche & dingboche

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DAY 4 Trekking: Namche Bazar- Tengboche

I won’t lie, guys. This day is pretty damn tough. You walk along the side of the mountain, which is very gradually downhill, before descending down to the river, crossing a suspension bridge, and then heading straight uphill until you reach Tengboche. Yes, only the last bit is uphill, but it’s a BIG uphill.

Trevor and I headed out, enjoying the beautiful views you get from the start of this day.


Remember when passing stupas, to go left around them!

We met up with an Israeli man named Nadav during this bit of the trek, and then joined up with Gabriel, who I had flown into Lukla with. We walked, playing some verbal travel games, which made the day pass quickly… UNTIL THE UPHILL.

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This bit is BRUTAL. It seems like the hill will never end. I thought this was one of the toughest days. Going up, we met another man, named Vaughn, who we climbed the rest of the way up to Tengboche with.

After arriving in Tengboche, after what seemed like ages, Vaughn introduced us to his friends, Kelvin and Saroj. Gabriel and Nadav stayed in one lodge (they had guides/porters who have arrangements with certain teahouses), but Trevor, Kelvin, Saroj, Vaughn, and I decided to eat and stay at the bakery. I highly recommend eating at the bakery (the apple crumble is to die for!!!).



At 3pm, head over to the monastery. Let the monks enter before you, then observe their prayer. It’s a beautiful thing to see, but you won’t be allowed to take photos inside.

And wear warm socks, as your feet will get super cold without your boots on!!!

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We left at 8am and arrived by 12:30.

DAY 5 Trekking: Tengboche to Dingboche

This is a beautiful day! The walk isn’t too brutal! You start with a steep downhill bit to Pangboche, then you gradually head up to Dingboche. You go through a valley, which offers amazing views of the Himalayas. We left at 8 and arrived by 12:30, like the day prior, but according to the lady who ran the teahouse in Dingboche, we arrived about an hour and a half earlier than most people.


We stayed at the SnowLion Lodge, mainly because it has an attached French Bakery (the chocolate truffles are really rich and very good!).

DAY 6: Acclimitisation Day in Dingboche

Although you don’t trek to another place today, you’ll definitely get some trekking in!

To acclimate properly, Kelvin, Vaughn, Saroj, two lovely girls, named Emma and Lawrence, who we had met at our lodge, and I headed out to climb a peak! It’s just above our teahouse, and it’s the hike that most people do this day.


This was a TOUGH climb. There are many false peaks, so right as you think you’re at the top, you cross over the last bit, only to see more uphill. It took us a good four hours or so to get up and down the mountain.


The views are beautiful the entire way up, but of course, as soon as we hit the top, a HUGE cloud came by.

I definitely felt the altitude up here. Bring water and take it slow! AMS (acute mountain sickness) is no joke!!!


When you get back, if your headache doesn’t dissipate, don’t worry! See if you sleep it off! Most likely, you will, and you’ll be absolutely fine!

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Spend the rest of the day taking it easy, enjoy life & the company around you! The people make the trek 🙂

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