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unexpected ceuta (spanish morocco)

When I heard we were visiting Spanish Morocco, I was ecstatic. AFRICA! I couldn’t wait to see how Moroccan and Spanish culture mixed and melded into a really wonderful beautiful place.
We docked at 7am, and I was ready to go. It was dark outside, so I couldn’t see what Ceuta looked like, and when I did finally go out and see the city… well, honestly, I was a little disappointed. Ceuta looked just like Spain did. No Moroccan influence that I could immediately see.

We walked a little bit through the pretty, polished city, then took a the N7 bus from the market. The N7 drives through quite a bit of Ceuta (which is quite small), so it was a good way to see the city. It was 1 euro and 60 cents to take the bus one way. You could see that the port area was definitely more polished than the rest of the city. Interesting how they wanted to convey Ceuta to the tourists.

empty on the way to the border, packed on the way back!

The bus stopped near the Moroccan border, which I LOVED. There were long long lines of women lining up to go into Morocco, goods in hand. There were women carrying heavy baskets of goods on their backs, much like in Nepal. There were goods on the beach. They had a system of transporting these women and their goods to and from the different sides of the border. I couldn’t help but whip out my camera and take some photos. They were all blurry, because well, moving bus.

We hopped right back on the bus with the massive amount of people and I snapped just ONE more photo (a sharp one!)… and a guard did not like that. He yelled through the window then BOARDED THE BUS and made me delete the photo. So much for my one good photo. I made sure to hide the rest of the photos I had taken from him, so here are the blurry ones!

From the market, where we were dropped off, we walked to the statue of Hercules. Rumour has it that one of his pillars is in Ceuta.
We also went to the House of Dragons, located on the main shopping street. Ceuta is a huge shopping town. People from Morocco and Algeria come over to do their shopping. It’s a land border crossing from Morocco, and a ferry border crossing from Algeria. Given more time, I definitely would have crossed a border.
Ceuta didn’t exactly blow me away, but it was certainly an interesting place to see! I know I won’t be coming back, as it’s one of those super small little places that are pretty difficult to go to, so I’m incredibly happy I got to see it.

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