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After nearly 12 weeks of staying in Singapore, I was itching for some adventure! Luckily for me, it’s easy to hop from SG to other countries, so I decided to force the family out to Malaysia with me.
We left Singapore at 10:30pm on Friday night, only getting out of the country by half past midnight. 11 hours on a bus later, we had arrived in the Cameron Highlands!
The bus ride wasn’t uncomfortable, but even so, we had trouble getting quality sleep. We sleepily left our bags at baggage hold, then went out to find breakfast. It was about 18 degrees (C), not super chilly but a welcomed change from Singapore’s heat and humidity!
On our little explorations through the town, we found the Saturday Market, which was busy with fruit and veggie stalls! Cameron Highlands is known for strawberries, honey, and tea, so there was especially an abundance of those. I found myself taking pictures of all of the succulents though- they were adorable!

We started the morning out with lattes and fresh strawberry juice (5 ringgit each), then, for nearly the same price, had a giant breakfast full of noodles, wontons, and soup. Full bellies didn’t stop us from going to a culinary sight, however, so we walked over to the EQ Strawberry Farm and walked around. You can pick fresh strawberries there, but we opted out of that, instead choosing to just stroll through the lanes of strawberry plants and stopping for some fresh strawberries with whipped cream (amaaaazinggg).

After a quick nap, we headed outside and started walking toward Boh Tea Farm. It was a 4 km walk on a road (no sidewalk), and dodging the cars was a little difficult at times, but the views were absolutely amazing, and the walk was lovely, especially because the temperature was so pleasant. It was quite overcast, but luckily, the rain held up and we weren’t rained on.

At the tea farm, we ate some yummy tea-infused cakes. None of them were too sweet, and eating those with a cup of Boh Tea, with a beautiful view of the plantations was absolutely wonderful.

Unfortunately, it started to rain quite heavily when we wanted to leave. We decided to try to wait the storm out, but the tea farm closed up, so we took out our rain coats and umbrellas and started walking home. The rain had settled down to a sprinkle, so it wasn’t bad at all. It also helped that we had a little furball with us the entire walk back. He would run ahead of us and look back to make sure we were still there, then continue walking ugh DOGS ARE SO CUTE.

After a giant buffet dinner (and I mean GIANT), we headed back to our room and went to sleep!
We woke up super early, as Mumzies and Dad had a bus to catch at 8am for Kuala Lumpar for an afternoon of climbing, before flying home. Montserrat and I woke up early with them to work out (oops buffet dinner), then we caught our bus at 10am back to Singapore.
Our little getaway to the Cameron Highlands was very short, but oh so sweet. Being back in the mountain air at some sort of an elevation was just absolutely elating. It was a perfect little getaway that only made me realise just how much I’m going to miss Southeast Asia.
Not only that, but also how much I’m going to miss my family. I’m forever thankful for all of the adventures we’ve been able to experience together.
<3 <3 <3 so full of happiness and love for Asia, family, friends, and life <3 <3 <3

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