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Byron Bay is beautiful. The ocean is strikingly blue with waves barreling into shore, the sand is soft and white, the air smells and tastes like saltwater. Byron is the kind of beach town mermaids would dream of living in. Unfortunately, as Jazi and I found out, beauty can be expensive.
Byron Bay is ooooodles more expensive than Brisbane, which is odd because Byron is also a hippie town with old dying vans and a vibe that just screams that there are more important things in life than wealth. Our stay in Byron Bay was short, but we made it very very sweet.
…well that’s not entirely true. We definitely had our moments stressing about where we were going to be and when, one of those moments being in a greyhound bus tour office. A really sweet guy who worked there tried to help us out (even though we were mooching off of their free computer use) and invited us to a party later that night. We said yes, why not? Now Jazi and I can officially say we have drank cheap boxed wine in a greyhound tour office. It was really weird seeing a professional business space turn into a house party sort of deal.
The next morning, we woke up at 5 am, and trying not to wake our hostel mates, got ready to go see the sunrise at the lighthouse. That was the most wonderful way to wake up. We walked back from the lighthouse along the coast, enjoying the views and cool weather, before heading to the beach and eventually hopping on an overnight bus to Sydney, where we are now.
Byron Bay was a short trip, but a very memorable one. The laid back, surf-is-life, live in the moment little town is certainly one you can’t forget.



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