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unexpected brisbane

After spending nearly a week in Brisbane, it’s a little sad to say goodbye, but I am so so so incredibly excited to move onto Byron Bay! I found my time in Brisbane to be really exciting because Jazi came and joined me after two nights here!
During those first two nights, I thoroughly explored the central business district and the super lively Queen Street area, where I enjoyed people watching and walking along the river. I looked at 2 museums, which was a great way to escape the rain, and I also made a friend in my hostel, who I ended up going out with to a bar and meeting a bunch of his friends, which was so pleasant after spending a couple days without much company.  On one date, I tried to hike up Mt. Cootha, but turned around for the city once I saw about 20 5 inch spiders above me. Only in Australia!

I ended up going to Gold Coast Airport again to pick Jazi up, which was a 4 hour round trip, although 10000% worth it because Jazi and I spent the 2 hours back gabbing about everything that went on the past 2 years that I hadn’t seen her.

Our first day together, we ate breakfast at our hostel, then after sorting some logistics out, went walking towards the river, stopping at a (really really expensive & organic) grocery store to buy food, and ate our picnic lunch on a bench overlooking Story Bridge. The weather was pretty gloomy in Brisbane, with the exception of the last day, which I’ll explain later, but it was still pretty nice out! After eating, Jazi and I walked along the river to the CBD, where we walked around and chatted lots and just enjoyed each other’s company.
Our last day was a perfect way to start our Aussie explorations together and also a perfect way to say goodbye to Brissie. There were the bluest skies and the most wonderful weather, so we decided to head out to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. First we stopped at the Pancake Manor, filled ourselves to the point of feeling sick, and then took the bus there, arriving about 45 minutes later. Our day was so wonderful, filled with kangaroo selfies and holding koalas. After returning to our hostel and resting up, Jazi and I went on the city hopper boat ride and ate dinner after alighting the boat.
Today we’re off to Byron Bay, which apparently has some of the most beautiful views of the ocean, so I’m super excited for that, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write in a few days’ time. Cheers xx

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