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unexpected birthday: one

Hey guys! I lied in my last post. There are no photos in this post but I PROMISE THEY’LL COME SOON.
I’ve just landed in Copenhagen, Denmark! What a day. It’s been hectic.
Leaving London, I felt super off. I found myself not too excited to travel, a little unsure of what I was doing and why I was so enthralled with sightseeing. I felt like that the entire plane ride, just utterly lost and bored.
Luckily, the second I stepped off the plane, I was more than ready to get exploring! A whole new city!
C o p e n h a g e n.
It was in that moment that I realised that I have fallen in love with adventure, not necessarily travel (although I definitely can’t complain about that). I lust over doing crazy things and exploring places that haven’t been widely explored. I’ll be hopefully heading over to some ~exotic~ places this next year.
Speaking of years…
It’s been a whole year of unexpected occurrences! It’s insane how much has changed from the start of this blog to now, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I was going to do an overview of my year, but since I’ve pretty much covered that in this post, I figured going over some lessons learned would be the better option.

10 Things I’ve Learned This Past Year

1) Everything happens for a reason

I cannot stress the importance of keeping this in the back of your mind. Things happen- sometimes, not the way we anticipate. As frustrating as something may be in the moment, good things will come from it. I promise. There have been countless times this past year where things didn’t go as planned. My internship kept getting postponed, and I won’t lie-it was frustrating waiting around Singapore for a start date. However, had it not been postponed, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to Austria and Switzerland. I wouldn’t have gotten just SO utterly antsy in Singapore, which, in turn, wouldn’t push me to just book a trek up to Everest Base Camp. I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the mountains. I wouldn’t have been to Nepal; I wouldn’t have returned. I wouldn’t have met some of the most incredible people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. My year would have been totally different. Everything happens for a reason, so wait it out, something good will come of it 🙂

2) Get over yourself

Don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself; laugh at mistakes made and enjoy life!

3) Just say Yes!

Say yes to adventure! Yes to trying new things! Yes to spontaneity! Just say yes and throw your initial plans to the wind! That’s what adventuring is all about!

4) Throw yourself into weird situations

Do weird things, see weird things, eat weird things. Do things you’re a bit apprehensive to do; the best stories come from those moments.

5) Eat it, then ask what it is

Just trust me on this one.

6) We limit ourselves

Everybody limits themselves in some way, shape, or form. I found myself a bit apprehensive to accept (even to myself) my goals, because they seemed just so impossible and crazy and unattainable. I was afraid of failure, and don’t get me wrong, I still am, but I’ve come to accept that failure isn’t something to be ashamed of. This upcoming year, I’ll be making a much greater effort to let go of all things enhancing the limitations I put on myself in an effort to just go for whatever I dream of doing.
Alright- if I’m going to work on accepting crazy goals, here it is. I want to complete the seven summits (sorry mom & dad). And yes. That does mean I want to climb Everest.

7) Being alone isn’t something to be scared of

It’s empowering!

8) Scare yourself

The best stories come from the scariest moments! (TRY NOT TO BE RECKLESS HOWEVER).

9) Find something that’ll help you keep the memz fresh

We get so utterly caught up in the moment whilst traveling, which is the best feeling ever (no doubt), but at the end of the day, we won’t remember every little detail about our travels. To make sure that I can always look back and remember what I was seeing or feeling or smelling or tasting, I keep film photographs, this blog, and a journal. Each “media” shows a different side of the trip, so I don’t mind keeping all three things. The film photos help remember the utter beauty of a place (because well, photos & I like film), the blog helps me remember how I did things and all of the positives of travel, and the journal keeps all of the most intimate details about travel… exactly how I felt when meeting one person, how miserable I was in the heat, or the things that I definitely want to remember, but don’t want to necessarily broadcast to the entire world (I’m looking at you, blurry Chiang Mai/Pai/Pokhara nights).

10) Stay in touch with the people you meet

Because they’re unforgettable.

One whole year. And being able to spend this blog’s birthday in a new city? Amazing.

Cheers to everyone who has stuck with me through this past year, and I hope to keep you guys around for more! xoxo

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