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The unfortunate truth is that you have to dislike some cities more than others. For me, Bangkok had never been a city I had been super excited to visit. There’s nothing wrong with it; you just vibe with certain cities better than with others.
That being said, my time in Bangkok was not boring! And I did enjoy this visit more than previous ones. Jazi and I stayed at the Rang Kha Mhin Homestay, a really clean hostel with a fantastic location and an even better staff. We were near Khao San Road (aka Backpacker Holy Land), only two streets over, but far enough that we couldn’t hear the bars and clubs blasting music all night long. The feeling you get whilst on Khao San and in the area is amazing.
Jazi and I spent our time in Bangkok exploring temples and wandering around the city. It was a short but sweet pass through, as were on our way to Cambodia today. We’re going to finish up northern Thailand (my FAVORITE part of Thailand and home to my favorite city in the world) later.
Our first night in Bangkok was spent on Khao San road, really getting into the backpacking thing with cornrows and dreads. I got cornrows, Jazi, dreads.
Our second day, with our new do’s, we decided to walk over to Wat Pho. It houses the reclining Buddha, the iconic GINORMOUS golden Buddha, laying on His side, head cradled by its hand.
I’ve always remembered Wat Pho for that figure, but this time around, Jazi and I also explored the neighboring, lesser well known temples within the complex. Everything was stunning. We were so so exhausted and all we wanted to do was leave and crash down onto our dorm beds, but we kept finding something that looked so spectacular that we’d just “stop in,” and we kept finding so much that we spent the day there. There were also tons of stray cats roaming around the vicinity that were a little mental pick me up for when we felt as if we couldn’t keep walking. The heat sure is draining, but it’s also comforting in a really strange way. The high heat and humidity is a sure tell that I’m in Southeast Asia, and that is 100% worth the exhaustion that comes with it.


Our other days were spent just exploring. I feel that sometimes having a strict schedule limits what you can see. Bangkok is a perfect city for just adventuring around. Everyone was super super sweet and helpful, although a tuk tuk driver tried to rip us off. I stopped a tuk tuk and asked how much it would cost to go to Khao San Road. The driver confirmed by saying “Khao San Road?” I nodded yes. We bargained down the price quite a bit and then he started driving… Maybe 3 minutes later, as we pulled into the middle of nowhere, he said, “ok! Khao San road!” I told him this was not Khao San and he said, “Khao San? I thought you said Khao San!” Who knows what that meant. He tried to get a higher price to drive us there, because now we were further away, but we didn’t budge and got home. Because we weren’t fooled, it was a harmless scam, and it’s a good story to tell. Just things that happen in Bangkok. Although it may not be my absolute favorite city, this stopover was full of good times, good vibes, and lots of mango sticky rice.



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