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unexpected almeria

Sometimes it takes one little change to completely alter your view of a place. Today was a day that fully embodied that statement.
The day started with the entire family heading off the boat and into town. We walked/wheeled my grandmother up to the old fortress, where we were turned around at the entrance. Unfortunately, the fortress is closed on Mondays, but the little peak of it was beautiful!

We just walked around the shopping streets and into the market until lunchtime, as it was incredibly hot. I wasn’t too sure that I liked Almeria from our little taste of it.

We walked back to the boat for lunch, then my aunt, uncle, mom, sister, and I decided to head back out for a second look.
Our first destination was Plaza del Torros, where there was a huge arena used for bull fights. The arena is actually closed unless you’re watching a fight, but we stuck our heads through the gate and got a little peek into the ring.

We next walked over to a viewpoint, which I was not expecting to change my entire view of Almeria. The viewpoint was right under some beautiful ruins, which we climbed up. The view of the ocean and city as well as the ruins was absolutely magical. It wasn’t super adventurous, but it was enough exploration to make me re-fall in love with traveling and going off the beaten track.

We probably spent about an hour and a half climbing through random little holes in the ruins and venturing up to the top of the walls. Amaaaazing.

After that, I LOVED Almeria! As we walked back towards the boat through the city, I heard Spanish music through the streets and found myself in the middle of Almeria’s Los 40 Festival. There were women dressed as Flamenco dancers and tons of people drinking and dancing and having a little fiesta!
We had a 5:30 call back to the ship, so unfortunately we had to head back onboard. Bye Almeria, thank you for reminding me why I have fallen in love with this world.

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