Underrated Countries in Asia: Where you SHOULD be travelling

I absolutely adore Asia. There’s no place like it! There are loads of places that are worth your attention, but we tend to hear of some more than others. Here’s my list of underrated countries in Asia, which are DEFINITELY worth a visit.


Malaysia is absolutely amazing. There’s an incredible variety of terrain here. I especially like Borneo, where you can climb Mount Kinabalu (LOVED THIS), watch baby turtles get released into the ocean, and see some orangutans. Malaysia is great for night safari walks, beaches (Langkawi), nightlife (Kuala Lumpur), tea plantations (Cameron Highlands), and loads more. It’s a stunning country.



Laos is often skipped when it shouldn’t be! The landscapes and nature in Laos are just stunning, and since it’s so often skipped, WAY less crowded than it’s Southeast Asian neighbours. Laos is the ultimate outdoor adventure destination, and when you’re done roughing it, go to Luang Prabang is a great place to eat some Laoation/French fusion food.


When I tell people I adore China, they give me a look of horror. China is portrayed as a dirty, overcrowded, polluted place, but you’ve gotta give this place a chance! Sure, some parts of the country might be a little less than appealing, but China has SO many gems. I absolutely love Yunnan and Guangxi. The food is to die for, the people are welcoming, the culture like no other.


Taiwan is a little harder/more expensive to get to, so people skip it! But NO, don’t do this! Taiwan is such a hidden gem of Asia. A common misconception is that Taiwan and China are essentially the same, but no! The food, culture, and mannerisms of the two countries are completely different. Taiwan is a beautiful place, filled with natural beauty and amazing cities, and it’s a good stepping stone into mainland China if you’re a little worried about that.

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