unexpected must haves: 5 things i will aways travel with

The more I travel, the easier it is for me to decide what to bring. Through plenty of trial and error, I’ve found a couple things that I’ll always bring with me.

P O W E R   B A N K

Bless my power bank. I only just recently bought one, but it’s quickly become something I NEED. I personally like one that has multiple charges on it. I have a ROMOSS power bank, which can charge my phone up to four times.

N O T E B O O K   A N D   P E N S

I will never ever ever travel without my journal and a pen. I love to write my experiences and findings down, and I find writing a way to pass the time. I also have another little notebook that I use to plan – travels, blog posts, to do lists, workout logs and food tracking. I’ve also got various emails and contact info in that journal.

A L L   P U R P O S E   M O I S T U R I Z E R

I’ve been traveling with my sorbolene cream, which I use as a lip balm, both face AND body moisturizer, and makeup remover (in a pinch). It’s really great for sensitive skin. Another alternative is pawpaw ointment, and quite a few high-end brands have made some similar products.

A   K N I F E

Knives are actually really handy to have on you. I use mine for cutting fruit, cheese (can’t live without cheese), and various other uses (that aren’t food related). You’d be surprised how often I use my knife! I had a lovely little switchblade that unfortunately had a little run in with customs and was confiscated, so I don’t recommend getting a switchblade, which is seen as a weapon. I had to buy a knife in China, but all I could find was a kitchen knife. I’m on the hunt for one I can take with me at the end of my language course.

M Y   N A L G E N E

Although quite bulky, this guy’s been with me everywhere. I’m not the biggest fan of buying plastic water bottles (be green, guys!), so I’ll find filtered water or filter water myself. My Nalgene holds just over a liter of water, so I’m sure to stay hydrated.

*** bonus ***

peanut butter!

I always find myself buying peanut butter in the countries that I visit. Peanut butter is great to bring trekking, and it’s great to have lying around. It’s a quick source of calories, and it’ll fill you up because of it’s fat and protein content.

When trekking, I’ll eat it with Oreos and Digestives or Hobnobs.

The other times, I’ll eat it with fruit (bananas and apples).


Although a little random, these are a few of the items I’ll pretty much always have on me! What do you guys carry when traveling?

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