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Things to Do in Woolacombe, UK

Woolacombe is a charming little place in North Devon, UK. Thinking of visiting? Here are all the things to do.

Woolacombe has a unique charm and is without a doubt one of the best places in North Devon. If you’re planning a holiday in this part of the country, don’t miss Woolacombe! It’s too charming. Woolacombe beach never fails to impress, with a 3-mile walk that includes passing the many surfers who are riding the awesome waves this area is known for. Heading to Woolacombe? Here are some things to do near Woolacombe.

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About Woolacombe

Woolacombe is a small seaside town in North Devon, UK. Holidays in Woolacombe are relaxing, full of nature, and quiet, with plenty of time for coastal walks, cafe hopping, and cosy evenings in local pubs. Woolacombe weather is generally better in the Summertime when the peak season hits.

There are also MANY things to do in Woolacombe for families, and bring your furry friends because there are also lots of things to do in Woolacombe with dogs.

The Best Accommodation in Woolacombe

Whilst there are quite a few places to stay in Woolacombe Bay, I prefer staying in a holiday cottage. They’re a little cuter and they fit the charm of North Devon.

There are some great holiday cottages in Woolacombe that can be booked online. I recommend booking a few months in advance if you’re planning on visiting during high season (late spring and summer).

Watermouth Castle

This listed building used to be owned by the aristocracy, but it was sold in 1977 and is now an amusement park! The theme park is designed for younger children and is a collection of wild games, slot machines and interesting rides. Watermouth Castle is definitely worth at least one afternoon, and more if you have younger kids. This one of the best things to do in Woolacombe for families.

Combe Martin

Combe Martin is an absolutely stunning seaside village near Woolacombe. The water is incredibly blue and the lush greenery makes the seaside look even more beautiful. There are tonnes of hikes and walks to go on in the area. If you’re travelling as a family, the Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park is a must!


For the adults, there’s a quirky little pub called Pack O’Cards in Combe Martin. It’s well worth a visit, as they serve the best ploughman’s lunch in the country. Combe Martin is exactly as you would imagine a tiny Devon village to look, with postcard perfect little streets and houses that are mixed in with quaint souvenir shops. Summer sees the place come to life, whereas the winter sees the village almost deserted, so keep that in mind when planning your trip.


An evening visit to this normally quiet little village will bring you to a spell of Morris dancing, complete with sticks and bells. Whilst touristy, it’s worth a visit (and it’s free). If you’re looking to camp near Woolacombe, this is the place for it. There are many caravan parks and camping sites dotted around the countryside, and in the months of June and July, this area comes alive with families who are holidaying in the area.

Westward Ho!

Not far by car, Westward Ho! is one of the main attractions in North Devon. Can you get over the name? The town’s actually called Westward Ho! (complete with the exclamation point). There are miles of pristine beaches, as well as some more adventurous clifftop walks. If you want to try your hand at surfing, this is one of the best beaches to catch some waves.

If you are up to it, you can walk a good few miles along the beach, and there are a few pubs where you can get some refreshment before heading off again. What would a nice seaside walk be without a pub at the end point?!

bird's-eye view photo of calm body of water with landscape field in between
Image Source: Unsplash

Woolacombe is an excellent base for your holiday, as there are loads of incredible places nearby. While there are a few cosy pubs to eat local food and drink local beer within, Woolacombe’s also a wonderful place for a family getaway. Woolacombe and its surroundings are the perfect place to relax while immersing yourself in a very unique ambience that cannot be found anywhere else.

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