The Best Experiences I’ve Had Abroad

I’m feelin’ the Monday blues for sure.

It’s a day of eating lots of unhealthy food, low productivity, and exhaustion. I blame the overnight train I got off of this morning.

Whenever I’m feeling a little less than excited about my upcoming week, I like to look back on some of the best experiences I’ve had thus far. It always motivates me to get my week going and to carry on until I can make new experiences that top the list.

While I’ve had so many amazing trips abroad, there are a few moments that stand out as my absolute favourites.

Mongolia with my boyfriend. 

This was such a special trip to me. I’ve always loved solo travel, and Mongolia was supposed to be my ultimate solo adventure. Then this guy came along, and I learned that you can share experiences with others and still have the best damn time. I wouldn’t have done the crazy trek we did alone.

Vietnam with my best friend from Kindergarten.

This beautiful lady and I were best friends in kindergarten. When I moved away just 2 years later, we lost contact. We reunited in Vietnam, where we travelled down the country and reconnected. It’s one of my favourite trips to date.

Interning in Nepal.

Nepal is a place I will never get tired of. While just visiting is always lovely, living there shows you how it’s even more special than you previously thought. I love this vibrant place.

Myanmar with Momma.

Exploring Myanmar with the ultimate adventurer was a dream. She used to call me a little backpacker in training- I’m lucky to have learned the ways of such an inspiring woman. There’s nothing like a trip with your mum.

Everest Base Camp (both times).

Though loads of people wouldn’t waste their time doing the same trek over again (that wasn’t my plan, but things happen), I’m so glad I got to do this trek twice. It’s great being able to push yourself to new heights… The first time, our acclimatisation hike was just to a stupa at the base of a mountain. The second time, I climbed that mountain! Both times, I met great people and had the time of my life.

Phewa Tal


Jumping off a boat in the middle of a lake was spontaneous. It was fun, refreshing, and uncomfortable when we had to paddle back through a storm. It’s silly, on-a-whim moments like these that are often the most special travel memories.


What are your favourite memories?!

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