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The Best Activities on Cruise Ships

Ever wonder what there is to do on a cruise ship? There’s so much that might surprise you!

Cruising has been my family’s holiday of choice when travelling with multiple generations. This is because cruises are the easiest way to travel with my grandmother, who has a little trouble walking miles and miles every day. It’s easy for us to hop on a cruise and enjoy spending time together, where we get to see snippets of a destination. It takes the stress out of intragenerational travel. If you’re planning on going on a cruise sometime soon, here’s what you can look forward to doing.

When you go aboard a cruise, you are going for the experience of a lifetime. To make the most of your journey across the oceans, you will want to do your research in good time. Knowing what is on board your cruise ship and the types of activities taking place will help you do this. Know that you’ll be eating a lot (my personal favourite part of cruising!).

This article will highlight some of the best things you can do when onboard a cruise.

Whether passengers want a fine dining experience or an onboard adventure, there is something all travellers can look forward to. If you’ve just booked your first cruise, keep reading to see some of the fun activities that await! My family personally cruises on Holland America for the small ships, but if you’re looking for larger boats, there are loads of other companies like, Princess Cruises 2019.

Learning For Young And Old

No matter how young or old you are, there is some way to expand your knowledge with the education on board cruise ships.. It’s a great place for kids with classes where they can gain knowledge on wildlife from the cruising docking locations. The other travellers on board can also enjoy a range of interactive classes such as dance lessons, wine-tasting and developing photography skills. My grandmother loves to take the more technology-oriented classes (like how to use her iPad), whilst my sister and I like to see the culinary showcases and art classes.

Relax And Unwind

Image Source: Flickr

If you fancy an evening of relaxation, you can attend the onboard spa full of special treatments, facials and massages. I personally like to go to the fitness centres to work off the food I’ve been eating! Whether you are a fan of tennis or basketball, the cruises typically have courts where you can get active on deck.

Have a Night Out

My favourite part of cruising is the fine dining experience! While everyone flocks to the buffets, I love going to the dining rooms. They’re incredible experiences (where else can you have a three course meal like this without paying a fortune?!). Often there are themed nights that can be a great way to spend an eveing as well. Casino nights are a popular evening on board every cruise ship. Customers get to be wined and dined whilst they dress in their finest. Players can try their luck on the blackjack or poker tables. On top of this, the ship will probably have on offer a range of cocktails and delicious food for those with an appetite.

Stargaze In The Ocean

At nighttime, the decks are usually a little less busy. This is my favourite time to hang out there. Being onboard a ship in the middle of the ocean, where you can’t see land anywhere around you, is incredible. And sometimes, on clear nights, you get to see the most incredible stars. It’s so peaceful and one of my favourite ways to cap off dinner.

Experience A Festival

Wherever you stop off, there are amazing traditions and festivals to where you are travelling too. Some of the most popular along cruise ship destinations are Rio’s massive carnival, Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, Fiestas in Mexico, Celtic festival and Klondike Festival. These are great from cruises because accommodation is usually crazy expensive during these times. On a cruise, you get to experience a little bit of the festival before heading onto your next stop!

Destination Themed Nights

You’ll have a wide range of live performances, music nights and dance classes when you go on a cruise. A lot of the time, they’re in the theme of your destination So, whether you want to hear the pan drums of the Caribbean or see the samba dances in South America, these nights are a must. They’re a little insight into local culture and a fun way to get ready to explore the next place you’ll see.

Image Source: Flickr

I used to be really hesitant to go on cruises, but I truly do love experiencing all of the activities cruises have to offer. If you’ve been on the fence about cruising, I highly recommend going on one!

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