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How to Travel As a Student

I'm a student, and I've travelled to 41 countries. While some of it has come from living abroad, a LOT of travel has been done as a student. There's this myth that students can't also see the world... That's absolutely untrue! Time and money are the two main factors that get in the way of student travel. Here are my top tips.

What to Pack for a Day Hike & What to Wear

After over 2000 km on the trails, I've figured out the perfect way to pack my bags for hiking. Here are my day trip essentials and the best clothes to wear.

Unexpected Southeast Asia: 5 Favourite Cities for Solo Travelers

Southeast Asia is a great place for first time solo travellers. It's exciting, vibrant, and different from most Western countries while also being safe. It's easy to find elements and comforts of home, but with an Asian twist! Here are my favourite cities for solo travel in this magical region.

Is Nepal Safe For Solo Female Travellers?

I've travelled to Nepal and even lived there, and yet, I always get asked if Nepal is safe for solo female travellers. Here are my thoughts on this popular question.

An Open Letter to First Time Solo Travelers

Dear First Time Solo Traveler, You’ve booked your ticket or you’re on the road: either way, you’re doing this. You’re embarking on a journey full of uncertainty and unknowns, but what you don’t know is that you will be learning so much about yourself and the world around you. You’ll come across situations that will make you cry or scream or want to come home, but...

Popular Southeast Asia Itineraries

I’ve lived off and on through Southeast Asia for a big chunk of my life. The best memories from my childhood come from tubing down a river in Laos (yes, the one that was known for death by bar-hopping/drugs) and playing with elephants (ethically!) in Chiang Mai, with some rock climbing in Souterhn China thrown in there. I moved to Singapore to finish high...

The Best Time to Go to Singapore

College has me feeling a little homesick lately, so I’m writing about it! How could I not miss passing through Little India, walking down Arab Street, or eating chicken rice at any hawker center?! Oh, and of course, Mom and Dad 😉 If I could plan a trip to Singapore during any time of the year, it would be now!!! Majulah Singapura! But what is the best of...