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South Kensington Museum Guide

Whenever I’m in London, I LOVE to go to South Kensington. Strolling around the neighbourhood, hopping through museums, and indulging in a cheeky scone (with clotted cream and jam, OF COURSE) is one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon. Here’s my complete South Kensington Museum Guide.

The last time I took the train down to London, I headed to one of my areas of London: South Kensington!

South Kensington is arguably the most charming part of London. On a sunny day, t’s a great place to walk around, and it’s great for rainy days, as there are three great museums right next to the tube stop!

How to Get There

The closest tube stop is South Kensington, and you can take the underground tunnels straight into the Victoria and Albert Museum. The entrances to the Natural History and Science Museum are a quick 2-minute walk away.

The Museums

The Natural History Museum 

The Natural History Museum is a great place to go! The dinosaurs exhibit is possibly the most popular one in the museum, and for good reason! It’s also really interesting to walk through the hallway of taxidermied animals. There are also exhibits on human evolution, the ocean, the earth (mountains and volcanos), and geology. There’s loads to see here, and it’s easy to spend more than a couple hours here. Don’t miss out on the cocoon- it’s generally quiet and pretty interesting!

The Victoria and Albert Museum

I remember coming here as a little girl and falling in love with the fashion exhibit- seeing fashions from the early 1900s to current times was fascinating! This museum is full of old furniture, jewellery, dishes, and biscuit jars (my favourite!). It’s one of my favourite museums in London- everything is just sooooo beautiful!

The Science Museum

I think this would be the best museum to take your children to. It’s incredibly interactive, with tonnes of games to play inside the museum. The whole bottom floor is filled with cool stuff- I loved looking at the space section. The top floors are where there are loads of games and interactive touch screens to keep your children engaged.

These museums are all free to visit- but donations are encouraged to keep them running!

Food & Drink

If you want to eat at the museums, there are cafes in all of them! Some have restaurants as well. I loved eating at the Victoria and Albert Museum- it seemed they had the most space and selection of food, and on a nice day, you can eat outside! While all museum cafes have similar foods (think quick sandwiches, scones & clotted cream/jam, muffins), the V&A museum also had some ready-made foods (salads, pastas, etc.) that looked amazing!

As always, museum prices will be a bit more expensive than outside, but it isn’t unreasonable. I recommend bringing snacks and drinks for your little ones (and yourself).

If you’re looking for a special museum pick me up, Maitre Choux is just a five-minute walk away, and their eclairs are famous!


If you’re looking for MORE things to do in London, here are some good options!

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