My 2018 Travel Plans

Happy Friday, friends!

I’m bringing it back to the old days of Unexpected Occurrence, where I would sit down and write about whatever adventure I just had, what mishaps occurred, and what I was thinking, as if we were sitting down and having coffee.

I miss blogging like that.

What I’m Doing in 2018

I’m excited for the rest of this year. It’s only the beginning of March, but it feels as if I can almost taste the end of school! I’ve got little weekend trips planned, friends coming up to visit, and nearly all of April off. After that, two exams, then I’m out!

This summer, I’m going to India- a new country for me! Ever since meeting a solo traveller who had just come from the Spiti Valley to Vietnam, it’s been a place that I’ve desperately wanted to travel solo to. I’m not travelling solo this time ’round; I’m heading up to the Himalayas for two months with my boyfriend.

I’ll head back to Switzerland in the middle of July to see family, and then I’m meeting with two of my closest friends from my old college to hike the TMB (Tour du Mont Blanc). I’m really excited to get hiking with some lovely ladies.

After that, who knows! If I have time, I’ll probably try to pop around Europe before heading back to Edinburgh.

What I’m Doing Now

Lately I’ve been getting itchy feet! Monday through Wednesday, there have been university strikes, cancelling a good chunk of my classes, and yesterday and today’s classes have been cancelled due to the snowstorm, the Beast from the East.

My flatmate and I went for a walk today and it was freezing. It was snowing pretty heavily, but the wind made it unbearable! We were gonna grab some hot cocoa on our way back, but the shops were all closed, including the supermarkets. I had cereal for dinner, though I’m not complaining- I don’t eat cereal too often, so it was a treat.


Other than that, I’m just saving money up for this summer and getting some school work done. The exciting life of a┬ástudent.

What are you guys up to? Hope all is well and that you’re staying warm ­čÖé

Chat soon,




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  • RGS

    That’s wonderful to hear! I’m actually getting itchy feet too. I’ve booked flights for a solo trip to Lisbon in June (thanks to your recommendation!) and reserved my university break to travel somewhere in September – I’m currently thinking of Morocco or somewhere in the Balkans. As an degree apprentice, I can only take leave during uni breaks so although I’m not as flexible for longish travel, instead I’m taking shorter trips!

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