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How to Travel With Your Friends (& Not Hate Them)

I’ve been on trips that have been an absolute disaster because things were unclear between me and a friend… and I’ve lost friendships as a result. I’ve also been on trips that have been a million times more amazing because of my friends! Friends can really make or break a trip. Here are my top tips on how to travel with your friends (& not hate them).

They say you should always travel with your partner before marrying them… Travel brings out a different side to everyone! Including friends! Friends can make a trip… or they can make you want to rip your hair out.  Travel can definitely make or break a friendship. Here are my top tips to keep things running smoothly.

Get Your Expectations Clear

Are you expected to spend every minute together or can you split up for a day? What time does each of you wake up? Is the other person supposed to wait for the other to wake up before heading out? Hostels or hotels? Do any of you have specific times that you MUST eat? Are you willing to invite other people along to your dinners/activities? It’s honestly the little things that can drive two friends crazy (and apart), and it’s important to get your expectations straight.

Know How to TRULY Compromise

Compromising should be a 50%/50% effort. It shouldn’t be one person budging a little and another budging a lot. You need to be able to respect each others’ interests while still having a good time yourself. It’s a matter of being laid back but not TOO laid back.

Make sure you know WHY you’re going to a place.

For example, if you want to go to Amsterdam for the museums, canals, and culture, and your friends want to go to party until 7am, this might not be the right destination. The perfect destination is one that all of you are excited about for similar reasons.

You don’t have to do everything together.

It’s important that all of you realise that group travel doesn’t have to always mean spending every minute together. Everyone needs their own space sometimes, and it’s important to take time to yourself if needed/give it to those who need it. This is really important to discuss before travelling (see Tip 1). I’ve had a trip where I wanted to go bike riding, and a friend wanted to take a day tour. I thought it would be okay for us to split up for the day; she did not.


It’s super important to feel like you can communicate about how the trip is going. If it’s tense, it’s best to talk about it in order to make sure you all end up having a great time in the end. The only way things will ever be fixed is if you bring the issues up!

At the end of the day, travel is travel, and you’re going to end up making memories one way or another! Take advantage of seeing a new place!

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