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How to Make a Long-Haul Flight Pass Quickly

After years of travelling and living abroad, long-haul flights have been a pretty consistent method of transportation, and I’ve found my ways of making them fly by (haha #punny, right?).

While some absolutely hate long-haul flights because you’re sitting there and doing nothing, I love that time to myself! It’s easy to spend those 9 (or 20) hours relaxing and getting ready for your upcoming holiday (or the chaos you have waiting back home).

Take advantage of the in-flight entertainment.

Have a movie marathon! When you’re watching television or a movie, two hours go by so quickly. Afraid there will be nothing good? Download something from Netflix or fill your laptop with movies. To make it a real experience? Bring along some popcorn or other snacks.

Get your nose in a book. 

Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t stop reading a book until you had finished it? We often lose that reading time when we’re adults and have the real world to face. Being on a long-haul flight is the best time to catch up on some books you want to read.

Bring work to do. 

If you’re a student, a digital nomad, or just have work to do, bring it along! If you have readings, scan them beforehand so you don’t have to carry a massive paper with you. I love to catch up on blogging when I’m on a long-haul flight. Sometimes it’s difficult to be productive, but when you’re pretty much bound to a chair, boredom sometimes turns into productivity.

Plan your upcoming (or next!) trip.

This is one of my favourite ways to spend a long-haul flight. Download a guidebook and bring along a tablet/phone/notebook, and spend your time planning all the amazing things you want to see in the city you’re heading to. Heading home? Start planning the next trip!

Eat (my personal favourite). 

Time zones are weird, and they can seriously mess with your appetite! The flight feels about 10 times longer when you’re hungry, but still have another 3 hours until the meal service! Bring snacks that will keep you full- think granola bars, nuts, and protein filled snacks.


How do you make long-haul flights pass by? Leave a comment!

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