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How To Have A Travel Experience Like No Other: Finding Insider Tips, Cheap Flights, and More!

So you don’t want to travel like a basic bitch. Awesome. That’s my favourite kind of travel. 

There are so many different ways to ensure you’re going to have a trip like no other. Some of it comes down to planning, and some of it comes down to being serendipitous. Here are my favourite ways to make sure I’m going to have a trip completely it’s own!

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To get insider tips, I love using resources that connect people. Before I go, I’ll search Facebook for the best local knowledge. I love the group Girls Love Travel there are loads of women from pretty much every continent who are keen to offer great advice about their hometown. It’s also a great resource if you’re caught in a bind, looking for friends, or if you have general travel questions. 

Similarly, I like to go to the region’s Facebook group. More often than not, there will be a travel group for wherever you are; a quick search will come up with results, and travellers will have shared some of their favourite tips and places unique to the region. 

Couchsurfing’s also a great way to get insider tips because you’ll be staying with a local! Afraid to spend the night? You could message most people to meet up for a coffee.

In order to score cheap flights, I love randomly checking Google Flights. Seriously, I absolutely swear by this search engine! If you’re looking for a plane ticket to anywhere cheap, I highly highly HIGHLY recommend subscribing to Scott’s Cheap Flights. It’s an email subscription and whenever there’s a cheap fare out of your closest airport, they’ll let you know. 

If you’re trying to have a unique trip, scouring Instagram and Pinterest may sound counterproductive, but if you can get past all the #basic photos, you might find some beautiful hidden gems! Instagram is also one of my favourite ways to find places to eat. 

Speaking of food, when you’re in your destination, wander around and eat at the places that have long lines and no tourists– I’m SURE there will be something amazing to discover. As a general rule of thumb, when eating street food, eat at busy places with lines- the food will be fresher as it’s constantly being made!

When you’re on the road, don’t be afraid to make unplanned stops, random turns, and to get lost! If you see something interesting, pursue it

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How to Have a Travel Experience Like No Other

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