General Travel Tips

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Tips & Tricks for a (relatively) smooth trip:)

  1. Go solid when possible – use solid toiletries instead of liquid (I like the shampoo and toothpaste from Lush!)
  2. Sometimes its better to spend a little more on a hotel/hostel closer to town
  3. ALWAYS carry tissues (especially in SEA)
  4. Don’t overpack- you will most likely be able to buy things if you find yourself in a pickle
  5. Know how to say “hello” & “thank you” in the country’s native tongue (it’s polite and even if not necessary, appreciated!)
  6. When booking flights, go to the airline’s site directly (you can look for general fares on other websites first) to save money
  7. When traveling alone (even if you have the funds for a single room), stay in dorms to meet people
  8. Lonely Planet Guidebooks = Travel Bible
  9. Use a good backpack instead of a rolling suitcase.
  10. Try to go carry-on luggage only; if you must check in your beloved backpack, put the raincover over it.
  11. Bring a cable lock so that you can lock up your valuables in any locker!
  12. Look up Visa Information prior to leaving for your destination – No, not all countries have an easy visa on arrival system.