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Cheap Things to do in (& around) Basel

Basel is an incredible city. It’s absolutely stunning, though often overlooked, as people flock to Zurich instead. If you’re in Basel, definitely try to make the most of it! There’s so much to do in this beautiful place. This post will outline my favourite cheap things to do in Basel.

I know you’re thinking that anything and everything in Switzerland will be expensive, and while that’s often true, there’s loads to do in Basel that won’t break the bank!

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Pick tulips


Around April, there’s a pick-your-own tulip garden near the water tower in Bruderholz. It’s 0.80 francs per tulip. There’s no one manning the station, where they provide the knives, rubber boots, and string (for tying the bouquet), so it’s all based on the honour code! It’s a fun little outing and a great way to brighten up your home or hotel room.

Walk or float down the Rhine


The Rhine is a lovely part of Basel! There are some beautiful walking paths along the river, and during the late spring and summer, restaurants open up, people float down the river on their Wickelfisch, and it’s a great atmosphere!

Take a day trip

The SBB connects Basel to so many amazing little towns! I absolutely love checking out the Alsatian region, but Bad Säckingen is a great place for a little walk and 1 euro gelato.

Walk around the Altstadt (old town)

Basel’s old town is absolutely adorable! In the morning, there’s a market in Marktplatz, which is beautiful! I love the red building (city hall) as a backdrop to the colourful fruits and veggies. There’s so much to see in the old town. Walk up towards the Basel Munster for great views of the Rhine.

Go up to the top of the Basel Munster


Overlooking Christmas Markets


The Basel Munster is the beautiful red sandstone church in Basel. You can climb up the steep stairs for just CHF4! It’s well worth the cost (and little trek up!). The views of the city and Munsterplatz are beautiful.

Rent a bicycle and explore!

Basel is a great hub to explore from! You can ride your bike around Basel or the Rhine, and if you’re looking for something a little more challenging, cycle out to Rheinfelden or another cute little town!

Walk from Switzerland to Germany and France!

The great thing about Basel is that it’s a border town. You can walk from Basel to Weil am Rhein (DE) to Saint Louis (FR) in just a couple hours!

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