• 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling Solo

    Solo travel is one of my favourite ways to see the world. My first time on my own was scary and intimidating, but also the most incredible journey of self-discovery, new friends, and amazing adventures. Here are the things I wish I knew beforehand.

  • Unexpected Southeast Asia: 5 Favourite Cities for Solo Travelers

    Southeast Asia is a great place for first time solo travellers. It's exciting, vibrant, and different from most Western countries while also being safe. It's easy to find elements and comforts of home, but with an Asian twist! Here are my favourite cities for solo travel in this magical region.

  • unexpected risk taking

    When people find out that I, a small little girl seemingly oblivious to the horrors that real life entails, love traveling on my own, the most often question I get is, “but is it safe?” My peers are often afraid of the mishaps that will occur while traveling solo. Throw being a teenage girl traveling alone into the mix, and both my friends (and their parents), immediately start helicoptering, convinced I’ll end up dead or in jail or sold off to who knows who in who knows where. Don’t get me wrong, there are definite precautions I must take while traveling alone. For the most part, being a solo female traveler presents more risk to those…

  • How To Meet People When Travelling Solo

    Travelling solo is absolutely incredible, but I know it can be scary, especially when it comes to meeting people! I've travelled solo loads and made some incredible friends. Here are my top tips.

  • Should You Travel Solo or With Others?

    A little preface: Honestly, I’m finding it incredibly difficult to run a travel-focused blog whilst not traveling. That being said, I still want to blog about my gap year and past adventures and everything travel! I’ll probably be shifting the content of my posts from location-location-location to more broad travel posts. I have no idea how this is going to end up, but here goes! Traveling Alone v Traveling with Others The way I see it, there’s no “better option” in the traveling solo v traveling with people debate. The two are completely different, and with one, you’re bound to have a totally different experience from the other. There are…