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    How to Pack Carry-on Only During Winter

    Winter's a tough time to pack for. With loads of bulky outerwear and tons of fluffy scarves, hats, and socks, it can seem impossible to pack using just a carry-on bag. Don't worry though- it can be done! Here are my top tips for packing carryon during the cold months.

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    Winter Travel Essentials

    It’s hard to believe that Winter’s really only just begun! Winter started on the 21st of December, 2017, and it lasts all the way until March! Am I the only one who feels like Winter started ages ago?! That being said, it’s a great time to share my winter travel essentials! A warm hat A warm hat is a total must-bring on any winter trip! Hats are a great way to keep warm AND they can seriously elevate a simple outfit. I absolutely fell in love with my wool beret. It’s a great cosy hat and I feel it’s a little more elegant than your basic beanie (though I love…

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    unexpected travel must haves: summer edition

    Summer is in FULL SWING, which means tank tops, beach holidays, shorts, tropical fruits, and happiness! Besides the typical sunscreen, water bottle, hair tie deal, there are loads of essentials I take when traveling that make summer incredible. What’s been on my radar this summer? Here are my summer must haves! Kindle/iPad/Tablet Summer often means lounging around, and even if it doesn’t, it’s always nice to end a busy day with some bedtime reading. My favourite summer reads are easy reads, which often means lugging around multiple books at a time. Enter the iPad (or Kindle or tablet). I can take travel guides, novels, short stories, fitness guides, and pretty…

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    unexpected must haves: 5 things i will aways travel with

    The more I travel, the easier it is for me to decide what to bring. Through plenty of trial and error, I’ve found a couple things that I’ll always bring with me. P O W E R   B A N K Bless my power bank. I only just recently bought one, but it’s quickly become something I NEED. I personally like one that has multiple charges on it. I have a ROMOSS power bank, which can charge my phone up to four times. N O T E B O O K   A N D   P E N S I will never ever ever travel without my journal…

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    unexpected first aid: the one thing i will always carry with me

    First aid! Something so important for travelers to carry! I personally stock a small pharmacy with me on the road, and it’s been used a countless amount of times. If there’s ONE thing I’ll ALWAYS pack, it’s Cipro. I took this to Nepal with me when trekking a month in the Annapurna Region. It came in handy, as both my trekking partner and I came down with some nasty stomach bugs. When in the mountains, far from any doctors or pharmacies, Cipro is a lifesaver. When on a 18 hour bus ride to Bardia National ParkBardia National Park, I was ‘blessed’ with a UTI. I spent two days camping and…

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    unexpected glam: gobdigoun skincare

    I rarely bring makeup on my backpacking trips. Call me lazy, call me a dirty hippie (which I totally am), call me efficient. I just don’t bring it backpacking with me. The girly girl part of me still wants to look her best, of course, so while no makeup is totally a thing, skincare becomes more important to me! I have been introduced to Gobdigoun Skincare and have absolutely fallen in love with their products. The brand is not a travel brand, but I find the skincare great for taking on the road. I am absolutely loving the Placenta Power Gel Mask, as each pack comes with 10 sheets. This means you’re getting…

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    unexpected tips: IPSY for the glam traveler

    Alright, I’ve gotta admit it. As much as I talk about being a traveler who prides herself in carrying her life in a carry-on rucksack, I do love to put makeup on and dress up for evenings out. Balancing that inner girly-girl with the more prominent dirty hippie is certainly a challenge, especially when that girly-girl wants to carry an entire bag dedicated to makeup. Recently I was sent an ipsy glam bag, and that’s solved my problems! ipsy is a beauty subscription service that sends you a small pouch full of beauty-related samples every month for just $10 a month! It’s not too expensive, so your travel funds won’t be used up! The…

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    unexpected pouch packing (trip prep pt 1)

    NOTE: I’ve already written a very very general post on packing (so general and bad that its just embarrassing), but I’ve figured out the blogging/packing/travel thing out just a little more, so here’s a better post. I’ll probably make this a little trip preparation series, as I’m doing quite a bit of packing, not only for uni, but for my summer as well. ALSO ALSO recently I’ve been getting quite a few messages asking for advice and packing was something someone had asked me about and it makes me so happy to be of actual help so woo thanks guys xx ANYWAY   I am the worst unpacker. I can…

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    unexpected packing

    Heeeelllloooo! I’ll be leaving for Europe tomorrow (ahh!) and I thought that it would be helpful and interesting to do a little “pack with me” packing list sort of thing. Just a disclaimer, this is NOT going to be a backpackers list. I’m not packing as lightly as I typically would since I won’t be backpacking around, however, all of my stuff easily fits in a 55 liter backpack, and I’ll show you HOW I pack for trips, whether that be a backpacking trip or luxury vacation (pssh, as if!). My bag is the Deuter Aircontact 40 + 10 SL made specifically for women. I can only say good things about…