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The Granola Girl Guide to Creating a Camping & Backpacking Setup You’ll Love 🏕️✨

Navigating camping, backpacking, and outdoor gear can be overwhelming at best, but it’s definitely worth taking your time to do your research and slowly build gear stash you love. Here’s my Granola Girl Guide to creating a camping & backpacking setup that makes you excited to go outside and have an adventure of a lifetime. Everything in this guide Use...

Gobdigoun Skincare Review

I rarely bring makeup on my backpacking trips. Call me lazy, call me a dirty hippie (which I totally am), call me efficient. I just don’t bring it backpacking with me. The girly girl part of me still wants to look her best, of course, so while no makeup is totally a thing, skincare becomes more important to me! I have been introduced to Gobdigoun Skincare and...