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Why Language Immersion is Something Everyone Should Do

Have you ever done a language immersion program? I have! In all honesty, I was NOT looking forward to it. It sounded stressful and like I'd be confused all the time. What I found surprised me. You take away so much more than language skills, and I think EVERYONE should do one!

Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Travellers

It's easy to fall into some unhealthy patterns while constantly on the road. After living a nomadic lifestyle for about two years, I learned to incorporate some healthy practices into my life to keep me grounded, healthy, and sane. Here are the ones that I found the easiest to implement!

How to Travel As a Student

I'm a student, and I've travelled to 41 countries. While some of it has come from living abroad, a LOT of travel has been done as a student. There's this myth that students can't also see the world... That's absolutely untrue! Time and money are the two main factors that get in the way of student travel. Here are my top tips.

A Guide to Eating Healthy in Singapore

Singapore is home to some of the BEST food. Chicken rice, sambal stingray, and satay... the list goes on and on! While delicious, those foods aren't exactly the healthiest. Here's my guide to where to eat healthy in Singapore.

An Open Letter to First Time Solo Travelers

Dear First Time Solo Traveler, You’ve booked your ticket or you’re on the road: either way, you’re doing this. You’re embarking on a journey full of uncertainty and unknowns, but what you don’t know is that you will be learning so much about yourself and the world around you. You’ll come across situations that will make you cry or scream or want to come home, but...

Gobdigoun Skincare Review

I rarely bring makeup on my backpacking trips. Call me lazy, call me a dirty hippie (which I totally am), call me efficient. I just don’t bring it backpacking with me. The girly girl part of me still wants to look her best, of course, so while no makeup is totally a thing, skincare becomes more important to me! I have been introduced to Gobdigoun Skincare and...

unexpected gap year blues

Earlier this year, I couldn’t shut up about why taking a gap year was the most incredible choice you could ever make.  I was able to experience some of the most incredible moments of my life during that year; I made some lifelong friends; I was molded into a person I was truly happy to be. There seemed to be no downsides.  That is, until I started college.  I...

My Gap Year

“Anya, have you ever thought of taking a gap year?” “What’s that?” “It’s when you take a year in between high school and college to do something meaningful.” “No Mom, I’m going to graduate from high school and go straight to OSU.” ^^^A real conversation I had when I was twelve. When I was sixteen, this “conversation” happened. “Hey Mom guess what I’m...

Gap Year Overview

I decided to call an end to my gap year, as I’m starting university soooon and technically, my gap year should have ended about 4 weeks ago (around when I left last year). It’s been the most incredible year, and I’ve learned an insane amount during the past 12 months. I couldn’t be happier with how I chose to spend this year, and I feel incredibly blessed & lucky...