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    How to Travel As a Student

    I'm a student, and I've travelled to 41 countries. While some of it has come from living abroad, a LOT of travel has been done as a student. There's this myth that students can't also see the world... That's absolutely untrue! Time and money are the two main factors that get in the way of student travel. Here are my top tips.

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    How to Travel With Your Friends (& Not Hate Them)

    I've been on trips that have been an absolute disaster because things were unclear between me and a friend... and I've lost friendships as a result. I've also been on trips that have been a million times more amazing because of my friends! Friends can really make or break a trip. Here are my top tips on how to travel with your friends (& not hate them).

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    unexpected wanderlust: how to bring your travels into your life at home

    Some of us don’t really get homesick, instead, we get travelsick! If I’m travelling with my family, there’s honestly very little that I miss about my life at home. Sometimes having a gym is nice, but it’s still possible to stay healthy when travelling. If I’m travelling solo, I miss my family, and that’s really it! If you guys find yourself a little down after a great adventure, don’t worry! I’ve been there too. There’s a way to take your travels home with you. Here are three ways to incorporate your travels into your life at home 1. In your kitchen This is possibly my favourite way to take travels…

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    unexpected tips: how to dress for temples

    Hello friends! Let’s talk about temples! No matter where you go in Southeast Asia, you will come across some sort of temple. Often, they’re the star of the show (think Bagan, Myanmar & Siem Reap, Cambodia). I often go into temples and see people dressed disrespectfully. Occasionally, temples will be strict about the dress code, but on the other hand, sometimes religions are non-confrontational, and people won’t say anything, despite feeling uncomfortable or offended. And as travelers, we certainly don’t want to offend, right?! As a general rule of thumb, wear things below the knee. This goes for both men and women! It’s also a good idea to stay away…

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    unexpected tips: how to set goals & achieve them

    Let’s talk about goals. Goals are important to have. They’re natural motivators, and they truly do help you be the best version of you that you can be! Some people are stressed out by goals, and yes! I get it. Goals can be scary, especially when they’re big goals. Here are my top tips on setting goals, and how to actually achieve them. Think About What You Really Want. What do you REALLY want to work for? It’s important not to overload yourself with crazy goals. Although you’re certainly allowed to have them, only work on a couple at a time to prevent getting overworked and stressed. Start Small. Although…

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    unexpected tips: how to safely explore as a solo female traveler

    If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that solo travel is my favourite kind of travel. It’s so wonderful exploring a place completely on your own, then meeting people and creating the best memories with them. Quite often, girls tell me that they’d “never travel alone; it’s just not safe as a woman in this world.” And while yes, I agree that being a solo female traveler sometimes comes with some difficulties, it’s totally possible in most places! It all comes down to how you carry yourself. I know, I know, women shouldn’t HAVE to act a certain way or do certain things just because it’s less…

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    unexpected tips: how to NOT look like a tourist

    We all know the guy… Khaki pants (occasionally zipoffs), white sneakers (not the trendy kind), big old backpack hitting everyone around him, but he doesn’t notice, as he’s too busy taking photos of everything in sight… The classic tourist. There are definite advantages to NOT looking like a tourist… First off, and probably most importantly, you won’t be the first target for pickpocketing. You’ll also be able to blend into the country/city you’re visiting more, which enables you to see your destination a little bit more true to what it is. Here’s how NOT to look like a tourist. 1. Don’t sightsee through your camera lens (or phone) Take photos! I’m not…

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    unexpected fitness: how to stay healthy while traveling

    When traveling, we often eat loads of local food; we don’t get that workout in; we let our healthy habits slip, because “we’re on holiday!” Being a part time nomad, living half of my time on the road, I have learned how to minimize the fluctuation in my weight and stay relatively healthy. Here are my tips on how to stay healthy while traveling. *DISCLAIMER* I am by no means a fitness professional. I am definitely not the MOST fit person (I still like to eat Brie and chocolate and fried chicken). I can’t guarantee that what works for ME will work for YOU. Also, if you don’t want to…