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Travel Journal #9 | Living in Italy with COVID-19

The past few weeks, I've been getting quite a few messages wondering what it's like in Italy with all of this going on. Yesterday and today, I've received a signifiant number more. Here's my take on the situation.

Also probably should have worded the title differently - I do not have the coronavirus.

Cycling in Puglia Itinerary: 1 week

Cycling through beautiful places is something everyone should experience. Puglia is the perfect place for a beginner cyclist looking into doing an independent tour. Don't know where to start? Read this post!

What to do in St. Gallen in Winter

St. Gallen is an absolutely stunning Winter destination in Switzerland. Beautiful views, unbelievable history, and great food can definitely be found here. Whilst many dismiss St. Gallen in the winter, there are so many things to do in this beautiful city. Here’s what to do in St. Gallen in Winter. Is it worth visiting St. Gallen in Winter? I’m a girl...