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Being a Kid Again: A Disneyland Paris Guide

When I was younger, I was living in California and being homeschooled. This was great for many reasons, but the most important (by far!) was that my mum, sister, and I could get off-peak Disneyland season tickets. They were much cheaper than regular tickets (though prices have certainly gone up since then), and we got to go when there were barely any lines! Win-win!

In December, my mum, sister, and I took a quick trip to Paris, and we once again got the chance to go to Disneyland. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. It seemed quite expensive for something I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy (I don’t even like big rides!). It was also the Disneyland Park that consistently LOST money for a couple years after opening.

Luckily, I was very pleasantly surprised! I had a great time becoming a kid again, going on the fairytale rides, walking through Sleeping Beauty’s castle, finding Disney Characters throughout the park, and hearing “It’s a Small World” on repeat.


How to Get There:

The best thing about EuroDisney is the convenience of it. Buy an RER ticket and take the train straight to Disney from the city! You can also get a Navigo Card (which I recommend!), which lets you get on all metro lines/RER/buses in zones 1-5. This covers the airport (both CDG and Orly), Disneyland Paris, and Versailles. Its about 23 euros for a week + 5 euros for the card itself. Worth it.

One Park or Two?

In Disneyland Paris, there are two different parks: Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios.

Disneyland is the more typical “princessy” Disney. This is where Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is, as well as Adventureland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland, and Frontierland are.

Walt Disney Studios is where more of the cartoon-characters/films are. There are Finding Nemo, Toy Story, & Ratatouille rides, as well as the Tower of Terror and Studio Tour.

In my opinion, it’s worth getting the pass to both parks. It’s only 20 euros more to get access to both, and there are rides that people LOVE in Walt Disney Studios. It’s worth it to just go see Ratatouille inside a small Paris. You can even eat at his restaurant, though I recommend calling ahead and making a reservation, as it’s quite busy.

Where to Eat:

To be honest, food at Disney isn’t outstanding (though I’ve heard good things about Bistrot Chez Rémy). It isn’t super expensive to eat in Disney, so it’s not a BAD thing to eat in the park, but one RER stop away is a mall with plenty of other options. If you aren’t in a rush, grab food there. We had lunch at Disney and dinner at the mall, which was a good way of balancing time in the park and great food.

There are snack stalls and stores inside the park if you’d rather snack all day than have big meals.

What To Do:

There are a couple things unique to Disneyland Paris that you shouldn’t miss!

The Indiana Jones Ride is a rollercoaster here, whereas in California it is more of an adventure-ride.

Swiss Family Robinson: Though this is just a walk through a treehouse, I LOVE this! It’s not operating anymore, so it’s good to see here.


The Dragon in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle: If you walk UNDER the castle, you can actually see a dragon! The dragon looks surprisingly realistic.


Ratatouille: You have to see the small Paris right outside of the real Paris.

The RC Racer: This ride is modelled after Toy Story. It looks like HotWheels.

Crush’s Coaster: Finding Nemo Inspired!


There are also some classics that you shouldn’t miss!

The Peter Pan Ride, Snow White, and Pinocchio Rides are CLASSICS. They’re gentle rides that go through a story.


Pirates of the Carribean is another favourite. It’s pretty gentle (though there are two small drops).

The Phantom Manor- go early! Lines get longer later on.

It’s a Small World – the lines are long for this one.

Space Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- a rollercoaster that isn’t THAT intense.

Walk around and become a child again! I forgot how much good FUN going to Disney is. It’s impossible to keep a straight face the entire day; you ARE at the Happiest Place on Earth. Walking around, it’s easy to spot the DETAILS of the park. Find a hidden Carl and Russell (from Up!), look at beaches that pirates have overtaken, and get lost in the Magic of Disney.


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A Guide to Disneyland Paris | Eurodisney

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