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Alsace in April: Colmar Spring Festival and Textiles in Ribeauvillé

Alsace is one of the most charming regions in France. Even Beauty & The Beast’s town was inspired by it! Ribeauvillé and Colmar are possibly two of the cutest Alsatian towns. I spent a weekend exploring these two places and I fell in love!

Man, by posting about April showers last week, I must have jinxed the weather- it’s been so stunning in Switzerland. I’m talking a solid 25*C and sunshine!

It’s incredible how much sunshine and warm weather lifts your spirits. I’ve been in such an incredible mood the past weekend.


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To completely celebrate the first warm weekend, my family and I took a day trip to Colmar. I had visited Colmar in September before (you can read the most cringe old blog post here),  but it Spring truly is the season to visit. It was beautiful!

There was a Spring Festival in Colmar, which isn’t super well known, but it’s worth a visit if you’re in the area! It’s lively and the town gets even more charming with the addition of stalls selling fruit beer, jams, jars of honey, and other things that are locally sourced in Alsace. There are also little pens with animals for kids to look at.

I absolutely adored sitting out in the sunshine and eating flambée (Alsatian thin pizza). I had a goat cheese, bacon, and onion one, and OH man, if you like goat cheese, you’ll love this.

If it’s warm outside, you must stop at La Sorbetière d’Isabelle. The gelato is quite good, but I absolutely fell in love with my basil, mint, and strawberry sorbet.


This little town is so sweet. It’s filled with beautiful old buildings, shops that sell Alsatian goods, meats, and cheeses, boulangeries, and vineyards. It’s a small town, but absolutely worth a visit.

If you’re looking to do some gift shopping, Beauvillé is just slightly outside of Ribeauvillé center and sells the most beautiful textiles, tablecloth/napkin/placemat sets, and pillowcases. The quality is spot on and the prints are so charming.

If you’re looking for a good place to eat, head to Hôtel-Restaurant du Mouton. The meal set is so reasonable. For about 17 euros you can get an appetiser, main course, and dessert platter. Drink the crémant if you want to drink something bubbly. The Champagne region has champagne; Alsace has crémant.

The beauty of Alsace is that there are so many charming places to discover. These were the two that we checked out this weekend, but we have so much more of this region to explore.

Any recommendations? Leave them down below!

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