About Anya

Hi! I’m Anya, the face behind Unexpected Occurrence. I’ve always been torn between living a conventional life and leaving everything behind to see the world, so I’ve found a balance between the two! I call myself a part-time nomad. I’m always on the move, but also travelling slow and making wherever I am a home. 

Along the way, I’ve learned to love adventure travel and going towards goals head on. Since I’ve started the blog, I’ve trekked over 1000 kilometers, cycled 1300 kilometers, and found myself in places I never thought I’d see. 


Why Unexpected Occurrence?

Through my travels, I’ve learned to fall in love with the unexpected. Life throws us some major curveballs and you’ve just gotta learn to see the good in them. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and that we wouldn’t be the people we are without a little serendipity. This blog focuses on the great things that happen when we’re given some unexpected occurrences. 


The Beginnings of the Blog to Now

This blog began for 2 reasons. 1) to document my gap year, and 2) so my parents knew where the hell I was. If you scroll back through the archives, my very first blog posts are still up (as embarrassing as they are). I never would have expected those first posts to turn into something that’s such an important part of my life! This blog is my baby, my job, and everything I love all wrapped into one little part of the internet. It’s also a tool that I hope you use to plan trips and to be inspired by some pretty incredible things that have resulted from unexpected occurrences. 

Contact me at carionanya@gmail.com

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