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A Lugano Day Trip: Should You Visit Lugano in Winter?

Lugano is known as a summer destination… Should you visit Lugano in the Winter? I did, and here’s what I found.

Switzerland is a gorgeous country. It’s my goal to visit as many places within it as possible while my family is located there. So far I’ve covered Oeschinensee, Zurich, and Basel, and I’ve only just made it over to Lugano. I have a long way to go!

My mum and I decided to take our Coop Day Passes and go to Lugano. If you live in Switzerland, get a couple Coop Day Passes. They’re good for unlimited train travel anywhere in Switzerland for the day.

What’s Lugano Like?

Lugano is a beautiful little city near the border of Italy. The language they speak is Italian, and while you’re in Switzerland, it truly doesn’t feel like you are!

Lugano is primarily a Summer destination, and I can see why! It’s on the lakefront, near Como and Milan. I can definitely imagine eating a few gelatos in the main square during summertime.

During the wintertime, it’s quiet. While there aren’t many people walking about, it’s still a lovely day trip. It’s nice that it isn’t crowded, and the town is incredibly peaceful. I loved walking by the lake.

What to do during Winter

We decided to take the funicular up to Monte Brè, a huge lookout over the city. When we walked to the funicular station, however, we found out it was closed in February. It’s still possible to go up, though! You can either walk up or take the bus up to Brè Paese, then walk up to the top. The bus is included in the Coop Day Pass.

In the summertime, there are restaurants open at the top, where you can have a tea or coffee and food while looking at the view, but during the winter, they’re closed. We had the entire place to ourselves, which was super calming.

It’s good to know that during the winter, buses only run once an hour from the top. It’s also good to know that the walking route is NOT along the road, it’s a trail… a proper hiking trail. We weren’t prepared for it, but we powered through. Better than waiting for the bus in the cold! About halfway down the trail, it links with the road, so you can still catch the bus into Lugano.

Hidden Gem: Cheap Eats!

By then, we were absolutely starving! Although you’re in an Italian area, you’re still in Switzerland, so food is still pricey. We found a GREAT pasta place that isn’t too cheap, and the pasta is all handmade and delicious. It’s called pasta e pesto, and it’s a quick 6-minute walk from the main square of town, or about 10 from the train station.

Lugano is the perfect size for a day trip. You won’t get bored, but you won’t leave feeling like you must return to see the rest of the city.

Where should I head next? Let me know!

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