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A Day Trip to Rheinfelden

Rheinfelden is a town that is in both Switzerland and Germany. My mom and I cycled here as a little outing, and I was absolutely blown away with how charming it was. My favourite part? The little island in the river where you’re in two countries!

Today I went on a spontaneous adventure! I wasn’t planning on blogging about this trip, but I was so blown away by how bloomin’ lovely today was that I just had to.

Basel is such a lovely hub for day trips all around the French Alsatian region, as well as cute little Swiss and German towns. A couple visits home ago, I visited Bad Säckingen and loved it.

The weather today was absolutely beautiful- I’m talking sunshine, warm air, and the bluest skies! It would have been such a shame to waste it indoors (though I do have final exams to study for and 5000-word essays to write- yikes), so my mum and I decided to take out the bicycles and ride an hour to Rheinfelden. The bike ride was really pleasant, though we didn’t know that you could ride along the Rhine river the whole way and were riding on busy streets. I think we just loved enjoying the Spring weather.


Rheinfelden has sides on both Switzerland and Germany. The Swiss side is charming, cute, and old. The German side is much more modern- maybe not as cute, but much cheaper! It’s also not right along the Rhine like the Swiss side, but a 10-minute walk away.

There’s a bridge that connects the Swiss and German Rheinfeldens. From that bridge, you can hop down to a little island in the middle of the Rhine- I loved just sitting there and hearing the river rush past me.

If you’re looking to eat in Rheinfelden, you’ve got your options. On the Swiss side, there are so many cute restaurants that are great for people watching and relaxing in. You’ll pay about 18 francs a person for these restaurants. On the German side, there are also cute restaurants where you can eat outside, but you don’t have the super charming old town to look at. The German side is much cheaper.

If you want an ice cream, definitely go to the German side. A cone is 1 euro; in Switzerland, it’s 4 or 5 francs.

What a beautiful day in a beautiful town! It’s truly worth a visit if you’re in Basel!

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