Why Every Woman Should Trek Solo At Least Once in Her Life

As a gal who lived in a country with a maximum elevation of 163m, mountain trekking was never something I’d thought I’d fall in love with. And yet, here I am, writing a blog post about why every woman should trek solo in her life, just 3 weeks shy of heading back to the mountains.

Even if you don’t absolutely love hiking, solo treks can truly change a woman. Don’t believe me? Read this post, get inspired, head out on a trek, and see for yourself.

When you trek solo, you’re forced to rely on yourself.

I don’t recommend going out into the middle of the wilderness if you’re an inexperienced trekker. There are some amazing treks with easy to follow trails (Nepal has loads!). When you’re carrying your own body weight to a new destination every day, you’re overcome with a sense of empowerment. And hell yeah, trekking solo is really empowering. In a world where women constantly have to fight adversity, being able to do something on your own, where you’re the only person in charge of yourself, is really powerful.

If you get lonely, it’s easy to meet some amazing people.

I recommend finding a relatively popular trek if you easily get lonely. If you’re on a popular trail, you’ll probably meet some characters. How often do you really get to spend away from family, your partner, or to-do lists? When you go trekking on your own, you’re able to let go, focus on meeting great people, and create friendships that are completely unique to the hike you’re doing.

You’ll feel closer to nature.

Whether you’re sitting by a stream having lunch or staring up at mountains towering above you, being alone in nature is overwhelmingly peaceful. It’s humbling to be in such a vast and amazing landscape.

You’ll feel closer to yourself.

Being alone in the wild is amazing- it forces you to be introspective. You have “me” time and solitude- no one else can enter your thoughts but you! You have time to do some soul searching; you test your physical strength and mental strength, and you learn to be one badass woman.

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Why Every Woman Should Trek Solo Once in Her Lifetime | Solo trekking is such an empowering thing to do. It should be on every woman's bucket list! Here's why you should #travel solo, have adventures, and trek on your own!


4 thoughts on “Why Every Woman Should Trek Solo At Least Once in Her Life

  1. Amen to that! I’m gearing up for a 2-week trek in Scotland in July and can’t wait to hit the trail on my own! Its remote, but not super isolated, so I feel like it will the perfect trail for my first solo trek. Your post just got me more psyched 🙂


  2. I like backpacking solo because of all the reasons you mentioned. Also, it’s just nice to be able to go at my own pace and to stop when and where I choose without having to discuss it with anyone else.


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