Foodie Destinations in Asia

Food is possibly my favourite way to explore another culture. It’s a universal essential that’s influenced by varying local produce, climates, and regions. I love exploring foods of other places- whether that be visiting tea plantations or enrolling in a cooking class.

While Singapore and Tokyo may be some destinations that come to mind when you think of culinary destinations, there are so many other places that should be explored if you love food. Here are my favourites.

Georgetown, Penang

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This little town is filled with amazing restaurants and is becoming more and more popular amongst foodies around the world. You can find incredible Malaysian food here, as well as Western food. My favourite places are ChinaHouse (for cake) and Mugshot Cafe (for the THICK yoghurt).

Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

If you’re looking to visit a tea plantation, Sri Lanka is the place to be! Everyone who comes back from Sri Lanka raves about tea. Tea is harvested on beautiful rolling hills- have a cup and enjoy the view!


Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

If Sri Lanka is out of the way, the Cameron Highlands also have some lovely teaplantations. The Cameron Highlands also have strawberry farms, where you can get them served fresh with cream.

Shanghai, China


Shanghai is a great place to go if you’re looking to find amazing food. Because each region of China has it’s own cuisine, Shanghai is a wonderful place to get a taste of everything. You can find so many foods, from the South’s Southeast Asian influenced noodles to the hot and sour food of Hunan, in Shanghai! After you’ve found the cuisine you like best, head on over to that province (I love the spice from Sichuan).

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is the best place to indulge in amazing Taiwanese food. You must go to Din Tai Fung (one ofthe meals worth travelling the world for!), find the best 牛肉面  (beef stew noodles) in the city, and indulge in ALL the bubble tea. Try the stinky tofu if you’re brave!


Chiang Mai, Thailand

While Bangkok is the most visited city in Thailand, Chiang Mai is my favourite place to go for food. The street food is incredible. You can still find your pad thai, mango sticky rice, and rotis (AMAZING), but you can also get Northern Thai food. My favourite dish is khao soi.

Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

An entire Bahn Mi for only 15 cents?! SIGN ME UP. I was served some of the best food ever here, and the majority of it cost less than USD $1. Go for the classics here (banh mi, pho, bun cha); they’re classics for a reason! I’d love to return to Vietnam and do a food tour- if the stalls on the side of the road made food as good as I had, I’d love to see what some of the best places could serve!


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Food is a great way to explore another culture. And in Asia, there are so many countries/cuisines to choose from! Here are my absolute favourite foodie destinations in Asia | #food #travel #asia #culinary #culture

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