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One Week in Tenerife: Itinerary & Guide

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

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Tenerife is an absolutely incredible place. It was a destination I wanted to explore, but I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I did. It’s an amazingly beautiful island and I’d love to explore it again!

When To Go

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The weather in Tenerife is pretty nice all year round! The high season is in August, when its warmest, but it’s lovely in the earlier summer months. I’ve visited in January and while it wasn’t hot enough to run around in a bikini for my preference, loads of people were in the water! January is a great time to go for hiking.

Unexpected Occurrences

While Tenerife may be known as the UK’s party destination, there’s so much more to offer than just beach strips and bars! Tenerife is becoming more and more recognised for its incredible outdoor opportunities- biking, hiking, and lounging on the beach. I highly recommend renting a car and doing a tour of the island.

We absolutely loved the small towns that aren’t very well known. One of my favourite places to go was Garachico, the ultimate place to relax after hiking Teide. I only discovered Garachico through a work opportunity, but I absolutely loved it and it was one of the highlights. Read more about it in the itinerary portion of this page.

While everyone floods to the popular tourist beaches, there are so many small beaches that are overlooked! Sometimes you’ll be able to find a spot all to yourself- you just have to explore a little!

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A lot of you guys asked us how we packed so much in with only a week’s time! It was a lot of moving around, but BOY was it worth it. Here’s what we did.

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Day 1:

Today’s the day! You’ve arrived in beautiful Tenerife! Pick up your rental car and drive up to Anaga. We stayed at this hostel, which is the perfect home base for some hikes. Once you check in, go for a walk and explore the mountain areas. Our favourite was just up a little path above the hostel- the view was gorgeous!

Day 2:

Check out after breakfast and head down the mountain. We drove to Benijo to see the sea, but it’s quite a drive away. After that, if you choose to drive down, drive to La Laguna, an adorable, colourful little town with some great food. You could stop for a coffee and sit out near the cathedral, or you could grab some lunch (which is what we did). We ate at La Bourmet and got a slider platter- they were all delicious. Buy food for the upcoming days!

Drive along the mountain road until you get to Parador De las Cañadas del Teide Hotel. It’s right in Teide National Park at the foot of the mountain itself. This is a great place to stop for walking trails. It’s in a stunning location. 

Day 3:

Climb Teide! This was the highlight of our trip. It isn’t technically difficult and it’s a stunning hike. You can find out how to do so in this detailed post. You’ll be spending the night at the refugio. Bring the food you bought yesterday! 

Day 4:

Reach the peak of the volcano for sunrise, and then start a long walk down (or a cable car ride). Once you’ve made it back, start the drive to Garachico. Garachico is the most relaxing place to celebrate reaching the summit of Teide. We loved our stay at this boutique hotel and absolutely loved sitting in the sauna. 

There’s a small little tapas bar in town called Los Pinos. We devoured everything! Walk along the seaside with a gelato in hand, then turn in for the night. 

Day 5:

Have an incredible breakfast at the hotel, and then start driving over to the South of the island. Definitely drive through Masca and walk around that area- it’s stunning. I loved the steep terraces. 

That night, we stayed in a sleepy little village called Vilaflor. It’s absolutely adorable, but you don’t need to spend a whole day there. I’d instead maybe have a second day in Garachico for pure relaxation, or I’d head to Los Cristianos for a night. We stopped in Los Cristianos for lunch. It’s very touristy and not really our vibe, but I bet it would be an excellent place for a beach day, drinks, or socialising. 

Day 6:

To escape the crowds and go slightly off the beaten track, drive on over to Medano. There’s a beautiful seaside area where you can hang out, grab food, gelato, or drinks. We stayed at the Aloe Vera Shared House, which was about half an hour away and very relaxing! It’s right next to a beach and it’s absolutely lovely. 

Day 7:

Soak up that last bit of Tenerife island magic and head on over to the airport.


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A One Week Itinerary & Guide to Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain | I was so pleasantly surprised by this beautiful island. It's so much more than just a party place! I fell in love! Here's how we spent a week soaking up the best parts of this amazing destination.

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