5 Reasons to Travel to Mongolia ASAP

The Landscapes

Mongolia is one place that has some seriously beautiful, untouched sights. If you go out into the West, you probably won’t even see another traveller on the most popular trail! People typically don’t go to Mongolia for the cities- they go for the landscape, and I can confirm: they’re entirely worth it.

The Culture

Mongolian culture is seriously amazing. Everything from herding and grazing animals, to being nomadic, to eating loads of mutton and drinking airag, is prominent and strong. I’ve never been to a place that still has such a strong sense of culture.


Of course Naadam makes the list! Naadam (what I call Mongolian Olympics) was such a cool way to experience Mongolia. I loved eating mutton pancakes, watching the events, and being the only tourists (we went to a countryside Naadam- the Ulaanbaatar Naadam will have tourists).

It’s Authentic

Because people are only just starting to go to Mongolia, you’ll want to get here quickly! There were no chain restaurants outside of Ulaanbaatar. You’ll have to point to random Cyrillic and hope you’re ordering a good dish. The country is still pretty untouched by tourist influence, but more and more English is being spoken, and it’s slowly becoming more accessible (and touristy!).

People Are Friendly

Because it isn’t everyday a Mongolian or Kazahk is seeing Westerners, they’ll be really friendly. We had a man and his son (and dog) speak to us the last day of our Altai Mountain trek. He was so willing to speak to us and offer us advice. Another time, in a local bus, everyone had the one Mongolian English speaker come ask me if my boyfriend and I were together. They were curious! We got to talking to this woman (and through translation, some of her friends, and we got all the insider tips for Naadam and where to eat in the small town.

Ever wanted to go to Mongolia? Why? Let me know down in the comments!


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