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Exploring Winter Wonderland & Edinburgh Christmas 2017

Being back in the cold weather for Christmas has certainly put me into a festive mood! The UK does Christmas the right way. Lots of lights, markets, and hot chocolate stands around!

I’ve been travelling across the UK quite frequently these past two weeks. I’ve been able to see places as Christmas comes nearer, and I have to say, London has been getting more and more beautiful!

I headed out to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I went during the daytime on a weekday. If you’re looking to have short lines, this is a great time! It would also be a great time to bring small children. It’s not busy at all.  In fact, it was a little dead. I personally think it could have used some crowds! It gets busier at around 5pm, and by then, it’s dark and the lights will really stand out. I’d go then! It’s supposedly an absolute blast after night falls. There’s a Little Bavaria, where you can get bratwurst, roast meats, and other “Bavarian-inspired” food/drink.


I also had the chance to take a quick stroll around Oxford Street. It was crowded, lively, and full of Christmas shoppers. The lights are different on every street. I actually preferred this to Winter Wonderland (because I went to WW during the daytime). Oxford Street is also the kind of street you could totally walk around by yourself. You could go to Winter Wonderland on your own, but I’d recommend doing that at night! I was a little lonely there on my own during the daytime.

Since I’m currently living in Edinburgh, I’ve been able to check out the Edinburgh Christmas Markets. I LOVE this market. I might even like it more than Winter Wonderland. It’s smaller and more intimate. If you’re going, definitely check out Mimi’s Bakehouse for some hot chocolate. It comes with a mountain of whipped cream (the highlight of any hot chocolate!). Like Winter Wonderland, there are rides, stalls, and places to eat. It’s a great place to go if you’re in Edinburgh, and I wouldn’t feel intimidated going alone.


No matter where you are in the UK, there’s bound to be some holiday cheer around. It’s a really nice change to have this cold weather and festivity. Being in 32C/90F weather for Christmas is just so different (though I will miss our tradition of going to Penang!).

Where’s your favourite place to spend Christmas in the UK?








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