unexpected wanderlust: how to bring your travels into your life at home

Some of us don’t really get homesick, instead, we get travelsick!

If I’m travelling with my family, there’s honestly very little that I miss about my life at home. Sometimes having a gym is nice, but it’s still possible to stay healthy when travelling. If I’m travelling solo, I miss my family, and that’s really it!

If you guys find yourself a little down after a great adventure, don’t worry! I’ve been there too. There’s a way to take your travels home with you.

Here are three ways to incorporate your travels into your life at home

1. In your kitchen

This is possibly my favourite way to take travels home with me, as I associate food with culture.

Buy spices essential to the cuisine of the country you’re missing. Even better, bring some home!

Another thing that I love to bring home is TEA. For me, Nepal is synonymous with masala chai & lemon ginger honey. Every time I drink those, I get a huge wave of Nepal memories.

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I rarely buy cookbooks, but I do have one very special one, and turns out, cookbooks are great for bringing your favourite country back into your kitchen. I have one from SASANE, an organisation that helps educate Nepali schoolchildren about trafficking, and also teaches ex-trafficked women skills necessary to find work. They also have paralegal training for those women. I interned here and I bought a cookbook from them. It’s my favourite way to remember Nepal. Every time I see it (or cook with it), I remember my time in Pokhara.

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2. In your decor!

Photos are the best. If you’re in a house, you might want to frame them. I’m currently living in a dorm with VERY strict requirements about hanging things, so I’ve just got mine stuck onto the wall.

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Postcards are another beautiful way to display memories from a trip. Some postcards are absolutely beautiful. I’ve also wanted to get two postcards, and put them in a shadow box- one with the writing about the trip shown, one with the photo-side shown.

Again, I have strict requirements about hanging… Tacs are not the prettiest way to hang things.

You can also make bunting with photos and fabrics reminiscent of a country you’ve visited. Personally the country I miss most is Nepal (but I’m sure you guys know that by now), so I have prayer flags and a tapestry hanging. I haggled for my tapestry in Nepal, but turns out Urban Outfitters sells the EXACT. SAME. ONE.

81519195-B6C8-4330-957D-26F19D9F7CF8 2.JPG

Lastly- art. If you’re looking to decorate your home, maybe buy your art abroad. You can buy from and support local artists, and having a conversation with the artist is a great way to remember the trip.

3. In your routine

Something as simple as seeing a different language on products can transport you back to a trip. Most of the products and things I use are from overseas. It’s great to buy things when you’re away, so you have a little piece of your trip with you wherever you go.

I have some Mongolian face moisturizer. Every morning, when I use it, I remember going to the local shop in the middle of nowhere and buying it. I also have some sheet masks from South Korea and sunscreen from China (without bleach- that was a hard find!).

I love having notebooks to scribble in, so I have a couple- my notebook from Vietnam is my favourite.

A little pencil case from Turkey, a scrunchie from Indonesia, a bag with “Sydney” written on it. Collecting items from abroad that you use daily always brings you back to your travels.

Have any more tips? Leave them down below!



10 thoughts on “unexpected wanderlust: how to bring your travels into your life at home

  1. I also bring back spices, candy, ingredients, drinks back with me to remind me of a place. Also Jewelry is a great souvenir as well. I always look for a unique pair of earrings or a necklace or a ring to complete outfits and to remind me of the places I got them from.

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  2. Lovely ideas! I always try to find a bookmark so it takes no space, but I know I’ll use it and be reminded of art I enjoyed. I’ve always got at least two or three books on the go so needs lots of bookmarks


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