unexpected eats: 5 treats in Boston!

When I lived in Massachusetts, one of my favourite things to do was to take the train to the city and have a day of walking around, window-shopping, and grabbing some good food.

Over the couple years that I called Boston my home, I’d found some favourite places to eat, whether for a snack or full-blown meal. Want to know my top 5? Read on.

Mike’s Pastries

Photo by Tim Sackton

Whenever anyone tells me they’re going to Boston, I tell them they MUST go here and get a cannoli. The shells are cripsy, the filling is creamy and rich, and there are plenty of variations, so you’ll never get sick of them! I dream about these cannolis.

Quincy Market

Photo by April Killingsworth

Technically, this is a location rather than a restaurant, but this is a place that you have to go to! The market is basically a massive indoor collection of food stalls. I really like getting clam chowder here. Visiting during Christmastime is the best.

Georgetown Cupcakes

Photo by Gigi

Have you ever seen the show DC Cupcakes? Yeah, this is the shop, but their Boston location! Every single flavour I’ve had was delicious, but I really like the red velvet and salted caramel flavours. Check out their twitter to find the flavour of the day, which you can score for free (if you get there early enough).

Ernesto’s Pizza

Photo by Ernesto’s

Ernesto’s is a great pizza place for when you’re on the run. I came here one of my first weeks in Boston and met Ernesto, who was super lovely. His pizzas are fantastic. Thought the buffalo chicken pizza is the most popular, I personally like the chicken & ranch pizza. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Top of the Hub


This is a little more of a splurge when you’re in the city, but the views are beautiful. Located at the top of the Pru (The Prudential Center), you get to see the city lights underneath you.

Have any other recommendations? Leave them below!

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31 thoughts on “unexpected eats: 5 treats in Boston!

  1. The cupcakes look so pretty, too pretty to eat actually! I would also love to try the cannoli, they are one of my favorite Italian treats.


    1. Boston is a super trendy and student friendly place! Veganism has definitely been on the rise lately; Boston is definitely vegan-friendly by now! The east coast is amazing- it’s definitely worth a trip!


  2. I just finished breakfast and am already hungry again. I would love a pizza like that right now, or maybe a tasty cupcake mmm! Thanks for sharing!


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