unexpected tips: 6 must have travel apps!



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I’ve talked about Maps.Me before, and that’s because this app is something that I seriously RELY on. If I didn’t have this app, I’d probably still be lost somewhere in the middle of Nepal! This app is an absolutely incredible offline map. You download the region before you go, and then you can get directions anywhere within that! It’s also great because it has small trails marked down- it even had parts of the trek I did in Mongolia!



WhatsApp, while not a very exciting app, is fabulous for sending messages across all kinds of phones over wifi/data. It’s great to have if you don’t have a local SIM card; when you meet people, you can use this app to communicate instead of sending texts.



Skype is an app I don’t use too often, but when I do use it, it’s a LIFESAVER. It’s great for making calls from abroad. I load up about USD $10, and that lasts months! It’s an essential if you end up having an issue with your bank, phone plan, or other essentials.



This is a great app to use if you’re travelling with others! Instead of constantly not knowing who owes who what, this app lets you input who paid for what, and who should pay next to even out the costs. You can also input multiple currencies, which is great if you’re traveling through different countries.

Google Translate


Google Translate is nice to have when you’re travelling to places that don’t speak much English. While the translations are sometimes a little funny or unnatural, they’re helpful and they get the point across.



Don’t know where to eat? Where to stay? What to do? Tripadvisor is a good app to have on hand. It’s easy to find the best-rated activities, hotels, and restaurants.

What are your go-to travel apps? Let me know!

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32 thoughts on “unexpected tips: 6 must have travel apps!

  1. I will definitely need to remember the maps.me when I travel international next! That sounds way better than using Google Maps while at the hotel/airBNB and then screenshotting the directions 🙂

    Also, I wish I had known about the Split Costs app last month and even last week. My friend and I were just using Keep with a list of expenses each of us paid for and then manually calculated who owed what to the other.


    1. Ahh yes download maps.me! It’s honestly the best app I’ve downloaded. And CostSplit is SUPER helpful.. I’ve definitely done the whole manually calculating thing, but this makes it so much easier!


  2. Maps.me is a new one for me, so I’m off to download it now! A great resource here, I’ve used all the rest at one time or another. Anything that makes travelling that little bit easier or safer is fine by me!


  3. Yep, I use all of those! (part from Costsplit; I’ve not hear of that one before). Maps.me takes up so much memory though, so I normally just rely on Google Maps for destinations that aren’t off the beaten path. I love that you can put in all the sites you want to visit, and then it works out a little walking tour (that runs without wifi) to incorporate them all 🙂 Oanda currency converter works off line too, and I use that all the time to work out how much stuff costs.


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