unexpected wanderlust: 4 trips to take with your best friend(s)!

Whether your weeks off just happen to coincide or if you’re looking to show your appreciation, a holiday is a great way to get away and spend some time with someone important to you.

When thinking about the lovely ladies in my life, I think about all of the amazing trips we should go on (or have been on). Here’s a roundup of 4 top trips to take with your best friend(s)!

Wine Tasting

South Africa, Napa Valley, Tuscany, France


If you and your best gal often spend your time drinking wine, why not get a change of scenery? Go out to a vineyard and spend some time tasting your favourites!

Scuba & Spa Days

Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Hawaii, Australia




This is a great way of mixing a relaxation holiday with seeing some amazing sights. Tropical weather, massages, and diving? What could be better?


Colorado, Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria




For those of you who like to stay active during a winter holiday, go skiing! Days on the slopes and nights in cozy cabins sounds pretty good!

Desert Tours

Morocco, Mongolia, Dubai




If you’re looking to do something a little out of the ordinary, go on a desert tour! There are both luxury and budget options, and it’ll be a trip of adventure and discovery.


Which trip would you like to go on?


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4 Trips to Take with Your Best Friend! Girls Trip getaways | BFF travels | travel | vacation | holiday

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