unexpected scotland: a road trip to loch ness & the isle of skye

Though I’ve only been at school for a month, it was good to rekindle a sense of exploration. Phil came up to Scotland with a tent; we packed our bags into a rental car and hit the road.

I got out of class midday on Friday, and we started driving by about noon. It was only £15 per day for the car, which we picked up at Europcar Edinburgh Waverly.

Driving in Scotland is beautiful (if you pick the right roads). The smaller highways often go through beautiful parts of the country, following green, winding roads. Scotland is a great place for a road trip.

road Scotland

Take advantage of the rest stops, as they’re either super beautiful built-up places, or cute little roadside carts. Either way, it’s nice to be able to stop and get a rest with a view.

At about 4pm, we had reached Loch Ness. Though we originally planned to say at a campsite, we pulled over just to catch a glimpse of Nessie, and ended up finding a little beach. Wild camping it was.

After freezing in Mongolia, we packed much better equipment and the 8 degree nights were actually quite warm.

The next day, after a quick breakfast and packing away our tent, we set out on the road again, heading North to the Isle of Skye. On the way, we stopped many times for viewpoints, and even for a castle.

If you’re driving through the Isle of Skye, I recommend starting your little road trip off in Portree. There’s a Coop there, so you can pack up some groceries for a picnic. There are also plenty of cute restaurants and ice cream shops there.

We drove anticlockwise around the coast, stopping off wherever we saw crowds or viewpoints. There are amazing waterfalls, cliff views, and beaches around the Isle. Unfortunately, the visibility wasn’t too good, so the hill views weren’t so great.

We ended up camping at Sligachan Campsite, which had really nice facilities (a warm shower!!!).

Camping Spot Skye

After a brekkie of cookies and bagels, we drove back to Edinburgh. With all of the rests and stops taken, it was about 6 hours to get back.

We ended our weekend with massive burgers at Bread Meats Bread and walked home with a beautiful sunset.

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

31 thoughts on “unexpected scotland: a road trip to loch ness & the isle of skye

  1. Scotland is so beautiful even if the weather can be miserable, it is a really underrated country. I’m glad you had such a lovely weekend I am quite jealous…


      1. Do you?! I’ll be there for the Open Day at the university with a friend, and we are looking for non-touristic spots that show the real city and lifestyle of the Scots. Do you know any?
        If you aren’t busy, we could meet! I love making international friends 😉


  2. Destination still on the bucket list dont know when is it going to be tick marked. Great article for people like me when they plan their travel.


  3. Scotland looks so beautiful in your blog. I love road trip and did it in Iceland and Switzerland. Would be lovely to visit Scotland one day ❤


  4. I love Scotland but so far have only made it to the cities! Would love to visit its wild side – your photos make it seem so beautiful… I also love the idea of wild camping! Can’t beat literally waking up next to a famous beautiful lake 🙂


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