unexpected dreams: fitness vacation

Let’s talk about some wanderlust!

Fitness and travel are two things that I’d absolutely love to intertwine. While possible, I’ll admit, it’s not the easiest thing to do. Enter the concept of a dream fitness vacation.

I recently came across Tommy John, who is currently promoting their “Go Anywhere” line with a mission to make sure people are comfortable no matter the destination or activity.
Let’s jump into it.


Sikkim, India

What could be better than waking up, doing some yoga surrounded by massive mountains, and finishing up with a cup of chai? Sikkim, India is the perfect place for this. I personally feel a super strong mind-body-spirit connection within the mountains. Yoga is the perfect way to hone into that feeling.


As mentioned before, yoga! It’s great for the soul and your body. Yoga seems to get a reputation for being easy, but anyone who’s actually done it will tell you, it’s hard work! It’s definitely a workout.

Along with yoga, trekking would be a must-do. There are a million reasons trekking is good for you. Trekking is the only cardio (even if it is low intensity sometimes) I enjoy. Throw a heavy pack on, and it’s a total strength workout as well.

What to Pack and Who to Bring

This fitness destination definitely requires some gear that will keep you warm and dry. You definitely don’t want to freeze whilst outside, but you don’t want your clothing to absorb the sweat you’ll work up; it’ll just make you colder! I recommend wearing base layers specifically made for exercise. For women, I really like Uniqlo Airism underwear as well as their seamless line, though I’ve also heard Lululemon makes great bases as well (I can vouch for their sports bras!). For men, I’ve been told Tommy John and Uniqlo have great options.

As for thermals, I’m a huge fan of Heattech products.

Definitely bring a hat, as you’ll need to keep your head and ears warm while trekking and doing yoga. And warm socks! Those are a MUST. Wool socks are my favourite to trek/exercise in, as they keep your feet warm and dry. I like Smartwool.

As for who to bring, this would be a great solo trip. Sometimes solo traveling is a great time to reflect introspectively- especially when surrounded by gorgeous mountains. But hey, if you don’t want to get a little lonely after your activities for the day end, I say bring someone that deserves a relaxing trip away from home… I’m thinking a mother, sister, brother, or father.

That’s certainly my dream fitness vacation. Oh, how I miss the mountains.

What would be your dream fitness holiday? Let me know in the comments.

Chat soon,

Anya xx

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