unexpected day trip: bad säckingen, germany

While Basel has a city feel, Bad Säckingen has is a charming old town, filled with cute little houses and a relaxed atmosphere. Bad Säckingen is a small town in Germany. Although just a short trip away from Basel, the vibe is entirely different. It’s amazing how two places right next to each other can be so separated.

How to Get There

Basel actually has two train stations (three if you consider the extension of Basel SBB for France-bound destinations). It has Basel SBB, which is where you catch trains to Swiss destinations and beyond, and it has Basel Badischer Bahnhof, which is where you catch Germany-bound trains. You want to go to Basel Badischer Bahnhof. A train that passes through Bad Säckingen departs almost every hour or so, and it costs around 16 euros. The ride takes about 40 minutes.

What to Eat

You’d think you’d be eating German food and maybe a little bit of Swiss food (I mean, cross the old bridge and you’re in Switzerland!), but nope! Bad Säckingen actually gave me a little bit of an Italian feel. Schnitzel’s on a couple menus, but there’s much more pasta and pizza! And my personal favourite part of the day, the 1 Euro gelatos!

One Euro Gelato

There are a lot of restaurants with good lunch deals! It’s a great break from the prices of Switzerland 🙂

What to Do

-Cross the Old Bridge! Halfway through, you’re in Stein, Switzerland! This bridge is actually really beautiful. It’s the longest covered bridge in Europe.

-Shop! If you’re in Switzerland, the prices here will be CHEAP. There are plenty of cute little stores lining the streets.

-Erdmann’s Cave. This cave is a little ways out of Bad Säckingen. You can arrange a taxi or drive.

-Wander the old town! I really enjoyed strolling through the cute alleys. They’re full of colour and charm.




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