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Welcome back to Wanderlust Watchlist, where I’m showing you THREE destinations on my radar!

Summer is in full swing, so I’ve been feeling beautiful beaches and easy living. It’s been a stressful couple of weeks here at Unexpected Occurrence, so these are places I’d love to relax in!

Tuscany, Italy

This is a region of Italy that deserves an endless amount of time to explore. Tuscany, to me, is wine, art, and history. Strolling through cobblestone alleyways and driving past green vineyards is always a fantastic way to rewind.

The Canary Islands, Spain

These volcanic islands have been getting higher on my list of places to see… Ryanair flies here from where I’ll be studying for just 25 quid! Unfortunately, only on weekdays & Saturdays, but hey, I still want to visit! The Canary Islands are full of beautiful nature and charming towns.

The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos… a wildlife fanatic’s dream. I’m just itching to experience roaming around and waiting for beautiful animals. A very good friend of mine has been here and shown me his photos- I have to go! Pristine beaches, amazing natural scenery, and animals I’ve never laid my eyes on before.

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Where do you want to head next?


  • Anthony

    I am trying to decide between several destinations. They are all bicycle trips like I took in February.
    Chile/Argentina (lake district)
    Sri Lanka
    and Prague to Budapest.
    Biggest problems are cost and my less than stellar leg–I haven’t been riding much and this looks likely to continue for a few more weeks at least.
    If anyone knows of an adventure trip (cycling, walking) that is looking for blogger style coverage for a highly reduced cost, please let me know.

      • Anthony

        The trip to Vietnam was fantastic. Cycling around gives you a totally different feeling than dropping off from city to city. I enjoyed it tremendously, and that is why I am looking at another cycling holiday (as mentioned above)
        As for trying to get a bit of sponsorship for a holiday, I am just putting the word out there, hoping someone who has connections, or readers who have connections, will think enough of my writing to consider a bit of sponsorship. We’ll see. Maybe a hiking trip in Peru.
        Thanks for your well wishes.

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