unexpected southeast asia: 5 favourite cities for solo travelers

Solo travel in SEA is always a blast. The other travelers are (generally) super warm and friendly, the food is fantastic, the sights beautiful, and the weather, warm (most of the time)!

Although you can’t REALLY go wrong traveling in Southeast Asia, here are my TOP 5 destinations for solo travel!

Bagan, Myanmar 

Bagan is a magical place. The temples, the sunrises, the entire vibe the city showcases are all so conducive to making new friends. Grab an e-bike and ask a new friend if they’d like to explore with you. There’s so much to experience, and after your day focusing on Myanmese culture, head over to New Bagan for a drink or two.

Chiang Mai, ThailandDSCN1212

Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Chiang Mai! This city is one of the first places I TRULY solo traveled, and it was filled with so much fun! There are great hostels here, as well as the best restaurants and nearby waterfalls and temples. Want to surely make some friends? Head to The Jazz Bar or Zoe in Yellow.

Recommended Hostel: Hug Hostel

Hanoi, VietnamIMG_2702

Hanoi is such a wonderful city in Vietnam. It’s small enough to get to know but big enough to keep you exploring. There are plenty of activities to stay busy with, and the BEAUTY of this place is charming.

Siem Reap, CambodiaDSCN1141

Siem Reap is a fantastic place for solo travelers. The main reason is that you’re either going to be super busy exploring the beautiful temples or you’re going to meet lovely people on your tour (which I actually recommend- so much history you’ll miss without a guide). Pub Street is a sure way to make some new travel friends to eat some bugs with.

Recommended Hostel: Onederz Hostel

Bali, IndonesiaIMG_8480

I know, I know, you’re classic party place. But hey, beaches and endless parties are great for making quick friends. There’s also quite a bit of culture in Bali if you dig around the lesser known areas. And hey, if you need some time to yourself, the sunsets are pretty magical.

12 thoughts on “unexpected southeast asia: 5 favourite cities for solo travelers

  1. Nothing that I would disagree with, but a short disclaimer for vegans and vegetarians would do justice :P. I got starved during my last trip 😀


    1. Oh wow! I can imagine it would be tough! Not in Southeast Asia, but I found Nepal to be super veggie/vegan friendly! Within Southeast Asia, Pai and Chiang Mai in Thailand are very good for finding vegan/vegetarian cafes!


  2. I completely agree that SEA is the perfect region to travel solo in. I spent 8 weeks there by myself in 2010 and never once felt threatened or lonely. In fact, if anything, I sometimes felt I was still too much on the beaten path! One more ‘city’ I’d add to your list would be Luang Prabang in Laos – perfect for some solo chilling 🙂


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