unexpected tips: how to set goals & achieve them

Let’s talk about goals. Goals are important to have. They’re natural motivators, and they truly do help you be the best version of you that you can be!

Some people are stressed out by goals, and yes! I get it. Goals can be scary, especially when they’re big goals. Here are my top tips on setting goals, and how to actually achieve them.

Think About What You Really Want.

What do you REALLY want to work for? It’s important not to overload yourself with crazy goals. Although you’re certainly allowed to have them, only work on a couple at a time to prevent getting overworked and stressed.

Start Small.

Although this sounds counterintuitive, set small goals for big goals. Take babysteps. Don’t overload yourself with work- that will make your big goals seem unattainable.

Tell Someone.

This is all about accountability. Also, if you have a someone supporting your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them.

Conscientiously Work.

It’s important to always have your goals in the back of your head. To keep my goals from slipping, I set a daily reminder on my phone. Every time I look at my screen, my goals are there!

If there’s one piece of advice I could give you about achieving your goals, it’s that IT IS OKAY TO FAIL. It’s totally okay, in fact, quite normal, to have to work several times in order to achieve your goals- even if it’s just a baby step goal.

Good luck with your goals- go get ’em! I’m always here to support you.

What are your goals? Let me know down below!



11 thoughts on “unexpected tips: how to set goals & achieve them

  1. Need a bit more than this; a framework to stimulate thinking about goals in the first place. In my executive coaching days I advocated five categories as triggers: Career Goals, Financial Goals, Personal Goals, Family Goals, Benevolent Goals.


  2. Love the suggestion to think about what you really want. I think that a lot of people set goals based on what people tell them to want!


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