unexpected loves: things only travelers love

Earlier last week, I was talking to a friend, and when I said I loved Singapore’s immigration line, but kinda hated that I didn’t get an entry stamp, I was met with a very strange look. But come on, travelers like passport stamps!!! It got me thinking about all of the quirky things travelers love, that non-travelers just don’t get.

Here are 10 of them!

1. New Passport Stamps

Because lets be honest, we love flipping through our passports and seeing our pages marked with all of the places we’ve been.

2. Common Hostel Stays

“You stayed at Mad Monkey Sydney?! So did I!”

3. Finding someone who’s also been to the “Iconic Bars”

Woody’s in Byron Bay, Australia – Zoe in Yellow in Chiang Mai, Thailand – Busy Bee in Pokhara, Nepal

(want more? I can do a post on my favourite iconic bars!)

4. Packing Carry On Only

And the satisfac flying right by the baggage claim.

5. Finding Your Favourite Country’s Food at Home

Because even if it isn’t as good as it is in the country, it’s the closest you’ll get to it.


We all hate fighting for outlets AND THE WORST- people who unplug YOUR phone from YOUR charger and use it!

7. FREE breakfast, even if it’s just toast & coffee

One less meal to spend money on!

8. Being mistaken for a local/resident

Because it means you’re NAILING the language… even if you only know how to say ‘thank you,’ ‘hello,’ and your favourite dish.

9. SUPER long layovers

You get to go out and see another place!

10. Immodium.

A Godsend.


Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments!





25 thoughts on “unexpected loves: things only travelers love

    1. Also, the stamp thing… They don’t automatically give them away for Australia, I had to ask for one on exit for tax purposes, and the guy – so rude – put it in the middle of my passport! Now everything else is perfectly in the order of my travels except this ONE stamp right in the centerfold. What a knob. I’m still bitter.


  1. They seem to be stamping passports less and less these days. That is too bad, because I love looking at my passports (and those of others) to see what stamps they’ve gotten.

    As for bars…Murphy’s in Osaka (tag anyone out there).


  2. I have also loved being mistaken for a local, but I also loved it when it appeared as though I must have gotten lost because I stood out like a light and looked anything but local. There’s something fantastically exciting about being someone totally different in someplace totally different. 🙂


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